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MDF barn doors

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MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) is gradually growing in popularity as a material for making barn doors, among other types of doors.

An MDF barn door is engineered hardwood and softwood, glued together with resin and wax. United Porte is a leading manufacturer of doors for your interior and exterior spaces, MDF barn doors being some of our high-quality products.

MDF barn door

MDF is mostly used as an alternative to solid wood due to its benefits, such as lower cost, immaculate finishing, and ease of installation. It is also used to manufacture doors and furniture thanks to its beautiful appearance. It is no wonder many people are now investing in glazed and unglazed MDF barn doors for their interior closet doors, office doors, bathroom, and kitchen door spaces.

Pros of using MDF barn doors

  • MDF barn doors are made from fine particles with unnoticeable grain, giving them a presentable and smooth finish. Even though they are not as sturdy as wood, these doors offer a high level of elegance when used for office spaces.
  • MDF barn doors are relatively cheaper as compared to solid wood. If you are working on a lower budget, you might consider this material.
  • These doors are relatively durable, and with proper care, they will provide considerably longer service. They don’t warp or crack easily, and if you are worried about moisture and humidity, you can choose a more moisture-resistant design such as an oak MDF barn door. Additionally, fire-resistant MDF materials are used for barn doors where heat could be a problem.
  • MDF barn doors are more resistant to bug infestation than solid wood.
  • It is easier to fix MDF barn doors than other porous woods.
  • MDF barn doors are eco-friendly as they are made of recycled wood.

Why should you order MDF barn interior doors in United Porte?

  • United Porte is a door manufacturer offering a wide range of excellent MDF barn interior doors designs. You can order any space you have in mind, including primed MDF barn doors.
  • Our doors are always of high quality, and they are made of water and heat-resistant materials. Furthermore, we offer fairer prices for high-quality MDF barn interior doors compared to other US suppliers.
  • Our designs are customized to your needs, and all you need to do is order and trust us always to deliver. So, buy your MDF door of choice, and we will deliver within seven days across the US.
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