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Solid wood closet doors

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Do you aspire to revamp your house, and particularly the bedroom, giving it a more earthy feel? Then closet doors built from solid wood are an ideal pick for you.

These beautiful artwork-like doors are made from eco-friendly substances. Since the woods retain almost all their original structure, it gives your room a feel of mother nature. You can get different designs and specifications of the solid wood closet doors, not forgetting the much-coveted barn interior doors from United Porte, the number one household door manufacturer in the United States.

Types of solid wood closet doors that we offer

When creating the solid wood closet door, we use the best materials and process it with eco-friendly coating. These kinds of doors for your bedroom closet, like its name suggests, are constructed to be thick enough to reduce noise and they require minimal care.

Some of the special bespoke doors for your closet that we sell include:

solid wood bi fold closet doors: This unique frame design is one of the best-sellers due to the sophistication in its design. The closet door can be folded inwards and outwards, a design that aids in customising your space.

Solid wood bypass closet doors: being one of the most popular kinds, these types of models are used for wardrobe closets and are made with one or more of its door panels sliding on a roller track.


Where to order solid wood doors for closet in US?

If quality and aesthetics is something you seek in your doors, then United Porte offers you the best range of solid woods for your entry door. There are also pre-installed doors that you can purchase if you want a seamless and straightforward installation process.

All our entryways are manufactured from natural materials such as Mahogany, cedar, red oak and white pine timber. The doors are treated without harmful chemicals and allowed to retain their natural texture and earthy feel for closet.

Are you looking for a solid wood closet doors manufacturer in the US to help you spruce up your sleeping area? Then, order a closet doors from us. They are of impeccable quality and will turn your aspirations for a breathtaking closet into a reality.

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