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Doors have brought privacy to human life. Although, we need to be social enough but still we often need some personal time in an area that is away from disturbances. Having a door in house helps us to spend time in our personal room without any disturbance. This is definitely an integral part of civilization. While designing a new home; we often think about types of doors that can be installed. Manufacturers can provide you so many options regarding colours, designs and material etc. But there are few other essential things that demand attention from customer. A door cannot serve its purpose alone; rather it needs some support from several accessories. That is why door casing and jambs are considered as some of the most essential components for every home. People might have ignored them after installing the door unit but both of these are essential piece of accessories and ensure proper functioning of door for years.


How Jambs are so important for doors?

Jambs are actually the side posts of a door unit and they assists in normal movements of the whole construction. It is important to take help from professionals to complete door jamb installation task. A jamb plays following important roles in door performance:

  • Support and Leveling:

The major reason behind installation of door jamb or the whole frame is to add long lasting support to the heavy door unit. When doors are installed, they become more dependent on framing. Jambs and few other essential components are attached to these long frames in order to ensure smooth levelling of the door unit with respect to the floor. In case if these jambs are not installed appropriately then they may cause several issues like uneven movements etc. Bad jamb installation interrupts smooth movements of door during its opening and closing operation. To avoid all such troubles, it is essential to install wood door jambs more carefully or take help from professionals to complete its installation task.

  • Closing and Hinging:

In order to make the heavy weighted door units operation after installation; so many pieces use to play their hidden role. For example, hinges of door unit offers assistance in its smooth opening and closing movements so that tipping can be avoided. Technically, these hinges form match with door jambs with the help of screws. In case if you have installed a weak jamb, it is experiencing some kind of dry rot or the installation task is not completed with right procedures then door may not get its desired strength and it may fall of suddenly. The jamb is responsible to hold door siding arrangement when it is closed and the time when opening force is applied.

  • Locking and Protection:

Once you install a strong jamb to your doors frame, you can believe on its secure and safe performance. Solid jamb structures ensure perfect safety of your home from theft issues. The quality of interior door unit highly depends upon its locking mechanism and it is not possible without the jamb. If you have a weak jamb type door, probably thieves can find an easy way inside your home.

All these reasons explain importance of door jamb very well; hence, it is advised to make careful decision about jamb installations and get them installed by professionals who know right procedures.


After jamb doors another important thing to discuss for quality door installation service is casing. These casings are usually found on doors as well as windows. Actually the wooden part that surrounds your door or window unit from all four sides is well known as casing. These casings are well designed with appealing and decorative finish so that it can eventually enhance beauty of indoors. Interior casing door are often designed with complementing decor choices so that everything around appears stunning. There are generally two basic types of casings cutting: Low profile casing and high profile casings. Both of these have their own advantage and disadvantage.

Low Profile Casing:

Many home owners prefer to install low profile jamb casings around their home doors and windows because they look attractive with simplistic design. These casings profiles help to maintain proper warmth inside house while making adjustments with seasonal changes. In the winter season, they keep cold air out and during peak summer season, they let the heat stay out while managing perfect temperature inside. These casings are usually priced somewhere around $5/ foot.

High Profile Casings:

Such types of casings are often the most commonly used materials in modern home constructions. These casings are either installed around entire door or window or they can be fixed like a pediment right above the door or window. Earlier, most of the casings were designed using special carpentry skills but these days, you can also find few designs made up of plastic and few other composite materials. These new designs have attractive layered looks with beautiful aesthetics. The cost for such casings may vary but most of the time they are priced around $10/foot with most basic styles. However, modern designs can be heavily priced depending upon material used and style of construction.

Modern Casings:

If you are searching for some unique casing arrangements for your door and windows then modern casings are also one considerable option. They are designed with clean and minimal design where so many color options are available in market.

Traditional Casings:

These frame door casings are same as low profile casings but are considered as more common choice for old home designs.

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