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A nicely crafted wood door is one of those things which can create a huge difference in the look and feel of your new home. Though the doors finished might go unnoticed yet it plays an important role in bringing about a dramatic effect to your room. A door interior is surely one of the most important part of your home which is why you need to take considerable care in choosing the right one. No matter if you are moving into a new house, remodelling your old home or just looking forward to change the look of your interiors, selecting a solid wood door is your primary step.

classic interior doors

You have 2 basic kinds of interior doors – panel and flush. 

Panel doors: These are wooden doors made out of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. The panels of wood creates a simple geometric pattern on the door which is aesthetically appealing. You can also choose to go for glass panels instead of wooden panels for a more contemporary look. Our panel doors would perfectly fit with various style schemes and greatly enhance the interior designing of your home. The more the number of panels the more classical the look of the door. Therefore if you are thinking about going for a traditional doors wood then make sure to dole out some money for a six panel door which would add a touch of style and class to your home.

All our panel doors are not just strong and sturdy but also comes with an excellent finishing.  We specially construct the door with the grooved panel method so as to prevent any possibility of damage due to temperature fluctuation. These panels can be customized so as to match the look of all kind of homes. A solid core panel door is not just good to your eyes but is also extremely durable. Being made out of composite wood they are much heavier and sturdier than the hollow core doors.

classic interior doors

Flush doors: Many houses are going for flush doors now a days but its look isn’t as great as the panel doors. They come in a simple design and are much less costly than the solid panel doors. Flush doors comes in a flat surface which is either wood stained or painted. Being rather plain they would nicely match your décor but wouldn’t add that special element to your interiors.

If you are going for a more traditional design then make sure to order solid wood doors. Doors solid comes with an elegant touch accentuating the warm look and feel of wood. The price of solid wood doors would vary depending on the kind of wood you want to use. While pine wood is not so expensive, hardwoods like mahogany can cost a fortune. Even though solid wood is one of the most expensive material many people still go for this kind of doors. However you need to keep in mind that solid doors wood tend to expand and shrink with changes in temperature and humidity which is why you should never invest on a solid wood door for your bathroom and kitchen where the temperature changes all the time.

The solid core doors come with similar quality as that of solid wood but is available at a much pocket friendly price. The surface of this kind of door is made out of plywood with an inside filling of wood fibre blend.

While the solid core doors has a filling of wooden fibre the interior of a hollow core door is empty. If you have a real tight budget then you can go for this kind of doors. Hollow core doors are not the least durable and in not the least sound proof.

classic interior doors

Choosing a door style:

The style of the door can create a big difference in the interior design of your house. You can mix and match from our vast collection for a more eclectic look. Choose the door according to the size of your room. A huge decorative door isn’t going to look great in a small room.

While choosing the swings of your door always remember that the door should never open towards the hall or the corridor. The framing of the door is also another important factor. Make use of proper framing materials or else your classic interior door would be damaged in the long run. The colour of your door should ideally match the colour of the walls and the overall décor of the room. Feel free to visit our site for exciting offers on a wide variety of classic interior doors.

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