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Doors are the essential part of overall personality of your property. Thus selections of all door accessories demand more care from homes owner because your careful decision can ensure elegance for long run. You can provide an attractive look to your interior and exterior décor by making thoughtful decision about lock and handles of your house. This is actually a smart way to make beautiful entry to your house that all guests cannot forget to notice. But if you are new to these door hardware arrangements and need some guidance regarding most suitable handle choices for different door types then we are here to provide you complete assistance.


Most of the home remodelling projects uses to focus on installation of new door sets and it naturally brings attention towards all desired accessories that will make hardware installation task complete. Door handles are definitely the essential part in this selection. You can generally have following types of door handles:

  • Levers handle with back plate
  • Level handle over rose
  • Mortice door knobs
  • Rim knobs etc.

All of these door handles have unique specifications and they suit to different front door types. But the major factor to be discussed here is the major tips for selection of right handle type. Below are 9 most important factors that demand your attention:

  1. Your Budget:

This is definitely the first most important consideration because market is loaded with variety of products but which one of these falls in your budget range is the major deciding factor. Set your budget range first and then move to market to find levers door options within your set amount.

  1. Door Accessories:

You can have wide range of options for door accessories and all of them add unique impact on overall view. Selection of door handle and knob also depends upon what other accessories you are going to include in your installation. Create the perfect combination with beautiful aesthetics that can complement your interior décor.

  1. Installation:

Whether you are finding professional to complete this door lever handle installation process or you will complete it yourself with do it yourself procedures – it makes a big difference. Selection of service provider may add additional bourdon to your pocket but at the same time they can ensure your quality finish.

  1. Maintenance and Care:

How much care your new handle demands will make a huge difference. The best idea is to buy the most durable doors locks and handle that is designed with sturdy and strong material so that this arrangement can serve you for longer run without creating troubles.

  1. Warranty for Handles:

Few manufacturers also offer warranty service for door knobs and handles. However, hardware usually has limited warranty but if you get it for few months then it is an added benefit to your installation.

  1. Type of Finish:

You can easily find so many hardware finishing options these days and this is the major reason behind confusion in selection. Generally, keyed locks and handles made up of antique nickel and antique brass are capable enough to maintain unique aesthetics for longer run.


  1. Door setup:

Many times, the decisions about door accessories like handles are taken as per the door setup type. If you have installed a heavy door unit then it must be supported by a durable and strong handle whereas smooth running simple doors can be moved with simple handles. If you want additional security then you have to invest more.

  1. Functioning of the door unit:

As soon as decision about your door hardware is completed, the next task is to check where it will be installed and what kind of functionality it is going to offer at that place. There are different sets of handles developed for dummy sets, and private entry points.

  1. Style make a difference:

There is no doubt to say that quality door handles add more charm to door installation and offer easy functionality. It is not so daring to decide right handle type but it is more valuable to pick them as per your room décor.

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