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So, we have stepped inside lovely spring season and the welcoming summer is approaching near. Probably, you all must be wondering about new colors that you can add into your home décor to project the seasonal awesomeness around. Painting home can be a tricky idea for many people whereas others love it because it is the best time to add new colors to life with modern décor ideas and elegant master pieces.

You can easily find so many color options for your house but the best thing to know is that you can even paint your door. Yeah! Most of us avoid this idea because old doors designs do not offer such flexibility. But as you are in the era of incredible technologies so everything is possible here. You can now add beautiful season inspired colors to your front doors as well as at room entrance points. With all latest working color options, it is really much easier to update your interior décor to have a new home like feeling.

If you are facing some difficulty in selection of doors painting ideas then we are here to help you with all useful details. Keep reading; soon you will be able to develop best ideas for your door’s painting.

How to make selection for front door color?

The front door is the most essential topic for discussion because its elegance has major impact on beauty of whole construction. Your choice for front door color can add more appeal to whole house. Start with a though about your favorite color. Yeah! You can have your door painted with that dream color which pleases you at your best friend’s house. The sunny yellow is the theme of spring and it can give a lovely cottage style look to your house. If you have a dark colored door then first of all you may have to remove paint and then start with next trendy coat. The bright red is also a unique choice as it will make immediate impact on viewer’s eyes but it depends more upon your exterior wall color. Painting doors with seasonal changes is definitely the best idea to improve décor.

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Science behind color selection:

Picking up a darker or lighter shade is not as simple because to have that actual feel of brush paint; one need to follow the deep science of color selection. Don’t worry! It is not going to be as tough as rocket science but yes it will help you to run with the color wheel. Choosing your door colors from color wheel is definitely a great idea as it reflects the best mixture of colors and help to understand effect of certain combinations. The color wheel will provide you e\ye catching color schemes inspired from contrast, analogy and monochromatic texture. It becomes much easier to complement wall colors with door colors using color wheel arrangements.

Major paint types and a thought for right selection:

Confusion is accepted during selection of door paints. But the best trick is to do some research and collect ideas about all possibilities. The quality and type of paint brushing you select for your door is equally important to color. There are so many options available in market and all of them have unique pros and cons.

Water Based Paints:

    Most of the door and wall coats paint sold these days use to be water based. However, it is important to mention that for furniture, doors and other woodworks, oil based paints are highly recommended. Note that, if you wish to switch to water based paint on a surface that was earlier coated using oil paint then the process demands some additional efforts. We advise to wash this already painted surface and cleaning the coat with the help of sand paper. It will help to make the door surface dull, dry and clean so that new coat can easily stick over it.

    Pros of Water based paints:

    • They are much easier to clean as you can remove marks with water based quick cleanup.
    • Water paints can dry smoothly and quickly.
    • They offer a flexible and elastic finish that is resistant to undesired cracking.
    • These colors will stay stable for years.
    Oil Based Paints:

      As already discussed, oil based paints are recommended for wooden material because they provide safe and smooth finish. Oil based paints offer great leveling qualities and they are flexible enough. You can easily find wide range of colors in this category for your doors and it will make perfect combination with interior décor.

      Pros of Oil based Paints:

      • They offer attractive glossy shine.
      • Oil based paints are well known for their impressive roller finish as they allow brush strokes to move smoothly while adding appealing finishing to all edges.

      The choice doesn’t end here; we have few more collections to offer you in order to add more beauty to your doors:

      Matte Paint Finish:
      • It is the least reflective option available in market.
      • Matte Paint offers velvety texture to your doors; it looks impressive.
      • This is the best choice if you want to hide few imperfections in doors, ceilings and walls.
      • Matte paint offers wide range of colors and they have in depth beauty that stays for years.
      • They appear little difficult to clean up; you may need special remover.
      Satin paint and eggshell:
      • Both of these have almost comparable reflectivity.
      • Satin is observed to have little glossier look as compared to eggshell.’
      • If you desire to have an easy cleanup option while dreaming about glossy finish then these are the best choices.
      Gloss and Semi Gloss Paint:
      • They come under the category of highly reflective sheens.
      • These paints use to be highly durable.
      • You can easily maintain their looks for years even with multiple cleanings.
      • They are traditional choices for edges doors, moldings and baseboards.
      • Note that, they can also highlight imperfections in wooden work.

      If you want to reuse an already removed door but want to change its looks from that old shady one to new modern appearance then latest color choices can help you to achieve best results. Roller painting ideas are gaining more popularity these days and latest technologies allow much easier strategies to remove paint from older constructions. With right selection of colors, you can easily make impact for whole house; it can add a modern feeling to complete arrangement. Give more attention to selection of right paint quality and color types.

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