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Whether you are looking for a lock for business or you need it for home, the selection process always demand more care. As door locks are some of the most essential accessories of every door and even for every house so they are desired to be of rich quality. A good door lock system is observed to serve homes owner with higher security and safety. Other then this selection parameters also include your budget, need of advanced door security features, location where your door will be installed as many more. Here we are just going to discuss about some of the most common types of door lock product available in market. It will help you to pick the right tool from wide range of collections.


Types of door locks:

  1. Padlocks:

These door locking systems are often attached in permanent form to the door units. You can find these lock hardware in variable size and prices; note that your need and required specifications must form right combination. Generally, these padlocks are available in two major forms: You can buy them in form of combinations and the other option is keyed arrangement. Padlocks can be easily recognised due to their popular looks; you can find them in free standing variant and in form of a portable unit. Note that, the combination locks door use to have numbers of dials that are used to form the exact combination of digits for opening a particular door unit. On the other side, the keyed locks are also available in two different forms as non rekeyable and rekeyable. Out of these, the first one offers option to change keys as per convenience whereas the rekeyable locks can also be of key retaining type of non retaining type. Note that, some local padlock designs can have shrouded shackle.


  1. Deadbolts:

These door locks are usually installed at external door and they generally have wide range of options to buy from market. The three major categories of deadbolt are lockable, double and single thumbturn. Most of the American home installation use to follow single cylinder type door lock arrangements. These locks use to have a special secure key cylinder at outer side whereas rosary is found in the inner side of lock that assists to make locked connection. These levers lock are not considered safer because if somehow intruders gain access to inner portion of your door, either via windows or through any peephole then they can unlock the whole system easily via thumbturn. On the other side, the double cylinder deadbolts use to have a key cylinder on both sides so that theft issues can be resolved. But these locks are more difficult to get opened fast at the time of emergency like fire etc. The last types of deadbolts are hybridised models and they are known as lockable thumbturn. It helps users to lock doors with two options that mean it can behave life single cylinder type deadbolt when few members of family are inside and it can work like double deadbolt when everyone goes out. Hence they are more reliable as well as safe. Other than this, you may also hear two more names in this category: they are jimmy deadbolt locks and Captive deadlocks. The first option is more suitable to double door home secure installations. On the other side the captive deadlocks are little expensive choice where an external key is always required to remove thumbturn from its locked position.


  1. Knob Locks:

You can often find such type of door locks in residential buildings. Many people use to install these types of locks for secure places but experts recommend to avoid installation of these locks when you demand proper security. The region behind is that they use to have lock cylinder inside the knob instead of having it inside the door unit. Hence they can be easily broken up with hammers or wrench to gain access inside. In case if you have installed knob locks are major entry points of your home then it is good to get them replaced as soon as possible.


  1. Lever Handle Locks:

These types of locks are generally considered as ideal choice for inner door units and in commercial settings. Lever handle locks are much easier to open as compared to knob locks because they have larger push down type handle. These locks are highly preferred at those locations where more movements are related to handicaps.


  1. Cam Locks:

Cam locks are commonly found in variety of places like mailboxes, cabinets and even in many lower security type applications. These locks use to come with variable length options and they have different types of locking mechanism inside that offer smooth functionality. You can easily pick them in various design options that can suit your door installation arrangements.


  1. Rim and Mortise Locks:

This category is highly preferred for commercial units, for apartment doors and in case of entry glass doors. Mortise locks are very much similar to Rim locks in terms of appearance but the internal door hardware arrangements use to differ by great amount. The Rim cylinder type locks are usually attached to rim latch locks that you can find mounted inside the door. Generally, the rim locks are mounted using two screws and they attach the mechanism to backside of the rim cylinder. Whereas in case of mortise hardware, the cylinders are attached into mortise hardware itself via screws.


  1. Wall mounted locks:

As the name indicates, these locks are mounted inside wall. You might have seen such types of lock at emergency exit points. They are usually accompanied by an alarm system so that signals can be passed to whole premises at the time of emergency. They usually have a box type arrangement beside that helps to keep few valuables that can be needed at the time of emergency.


  1. Furniture Locks:

This category of special locks is preferably used for sliding door mechanisms, desks and for cabinets. You will find two common styles of these furniture locks in common, they are push button style and of bolt style; both of these have unique specifications and applications. The bolt style construction use to have an additional piece of flat metal in its installation arrangement, it extends to either side for of the lock so that device can be secured. These locks are commonly used for drawers, cabinets and desks. In case if push button type locks you will find a rod coming out that helps to keep things well secured at specific position.


  1. Keyless entry pads:

As technology has grown up now so it is quite obvious to expect something new in the list. The keyless entry pads are special type of electronic locks that makes use of a numbered keypad for initiating the locking and unlocking mechanism. You need not to use a key to unlock these systems rather a numeric key will be needed. Most of these entry pads follow slide code type arrangements whereas few expensive ones are also designed with card systems and touch pad entry mechanisms. You will need an experienced professional to install these types of locks at home but they provide added safety to whole construction.

With such a big list of door lock types it becomes quite difficult to pick the right lock type for new house doors. If you are more influenced with technology and need highly safe locking mechanism for your door or any closet then prefer to install keyless entry type locking mechanisms at those locations. But these are expensive options so you need to make decision accordingly. We have wide collection of all these door locks and our professionals are well trained to handle all installation needs at residential as well as commercial buildings. If you are ready to get a new lock for your house or office then prefer to set your budget first and then ask for recommendations from professionals to get an idea about which one of all these doors can solve your purpose. Some of these door locks can be installed to special type of door arrangements so prefer to pick your design accordingly.

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