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Wood Veneer is one of the most common topics for debate in home design industry. Veneer has so many potential features that make it suitable for modern home designs. You can easily find so many beautiful and highly durable wooden pieces installed at home to add charm and style into aesthetics. Commonly, many home owners these days are looking forward for installation of Veneer Doors as they look more attractive as a front wood door as well as at interior locations.

There are four common supply practices that are followed for veneer doors products; you can find them in form of plain sliced units, quartersawn, rift cut and rotary cutting form. Note that, all these cuts have power to produce unique design patterns and can have different grain directions. Also, price range varies with type of cut so while installing a new veneer faces at home; you may have to go through these basic aspects. But before that, let us gain insight into the word veneering and reasons behind its popularity.

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What are Veneer Doors?

The veneer wood doors are actually designed using solid or hollow wooden core. This core is essentially a medium density fibreboard or particle board. High quality solid wood layer is merged to this already designed core; professionals prefer to attach both these arrangements via bonding agents or powerful glues. The overall quality of a veneer face door depends upon several factors: the thickness of veneer material, type of wood used for design and also on the type of core used for production.

You will be glad to know that veneer solid doors offer so many decoration choices. No matter whether you have installed them as interior doors or this material is serving at your front entry point; you will always be able to find best choice lines for decoration of veneer products. If you want to have painted finish for veneer wood doors then it is advised to use primer before oil based paint.

natural wood veneer

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