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While executing home renovation task or designing a new residential or commercial property, people often need to make so many important decisions. They have to think about interior décor, wall colors, type of closets to be installed and of course, specifications about doors and windows. In this complete list of tasks, one thing is most essential and that is selection of door material. No matter whether you are just planning to replace the old door units at your traditional house or need a whole set of new furniture; selection of door material plays important role.

You can easily find several options for door materials like metal, UPVC and solid wood front doors; each one of these has their unique pros and cons. So which one of these will suit your property and budget is the matter of discussion. Here we are going to discuss about solid wood doors because they are one of the most recommended options for new as well as replacement type interior doors. Although, this is an expensive option but many people love to install them by focusing on their tremendous benefits. You can easily find so many styles and design choices with solid wood door constructions and they can be customized as per need of home owners.

Actually, the key factor in this selection is aesthetics that make solid wood doors standout against engineered doors or hollow core doors wood. And the best part is that their shine and looks remain as it is for years due to their sturdy designs. However, if budget is an issue then hollow wood doors can also play a good role with their moderate price range.

There are so many factors that one needs to consider while making selection for a new door unit. All door types qualify on different criteria but when we look for overall benefits then solid wood doors appear to be an attractive choice. Here are few important details about their recommendation.

solid wood core


You can find solid wood doors in so many natural colours and they use to have unique grain effects. These doors are often designed with metalwork and glass panels that add more advantage to whole construction. When a solid wood door is designed by a professional craftsman it naturally leads to an eye catching looks. You will be glad to know that these wooden doors can be easily customized or tailored as per customers specifications. So you can prefer to order your own unique product from factory with all good features.


With solid wood door interior installation, you get a feeling of solidity and quality because they are designed so. You will naturally find these solid doors more secure with added texture and warmth that is not expected from any other material. Once you install solid wood door at home, it will bring a feeling of owning luxurious unit for years ahead.


They are luxurious options for your homes but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend too much to buy them. These solid wood door units usually have price range comparable to well known UPVC door product. The thing is that installing low quality door unit and then replacing it many times within few years is definitely a costly option. But investing on solid wood doors for once with a reasonable amount and then enjoying feeling of luxury for years is really the best choice for all home owners.


We already know that wood is a great insulator so when you install solid wood doors at home they naturally help to maintain temperature inside. In the summer season, they can keep the heat out whereas in winter season they does not allow cold to enter inside and it stays warmer inside. Further, these doors also provide additional sound insulation service so you will not find unwanted noise coming inside house from external sources.

Durability and Maintenance:

When you install a good quality panel at home then it naturally leads to better performance and home owners need to apply least efforts to maintain them. Once you get solid wood door installed at home and add simple care to its performance, it can easily serve you for about 25 years without any trouble. Although, UPVC doors also offer comparable life span but you cannot trust on seal that gets degraded with time. The fact is that it is much easier to repair wooden doors; if they get damaged due to any reason, few simple procedures can easily fix the problem area.

Environmental Friendly:

As wood is a natural and highly durable product so it is rated as the most sustainable choice for environment friendly house constructions. In case if you reside in a highlighted conservation area then designers will insists you to install traditional wooden door interior during renovation  task.

solid wood core

Property Values:

When you install a solid wood door at home, you definitely make an investment for durability and longevity. These door units have power to add more value to your construction with their luxury aesthetics and solid design. Solid wood doors look impressive in modern as well as in traditional houses because they have power to leave their stunning impact on both modelling choices. 

With all such amazing features, solid wood doors have ability to make your home look more stunning and attractive. You can install these doors in different colours whereas glass panelling over solid wood doors is also a great choice. This material is durable enough so home owners can expect years of service without trouble. Making one time investment on such a high quality product is definitely a great idea. No matter, if it is a new home construction or you are just renovating the old lovable home with new looks; the solid wood doors can offer you great assurance for quality in both conditions. The cost factor is also reasonable in this case and it is better served with rich quality of the product. We have wide range of design and style options for solid wood doors and they can be easily customized to fit your space.

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