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100% Solid Wood
Solid wood features the essence of nature, captured and tamed in interior design. As we know all about this material, we perform beautiful and durable doors that will stand the test of time.

Variety is a distinctive feature of the TOSCANA collection. The doors feature diverse carving styles on panels, including exquisite ELEGANTE, plain ROMBO, and fine LITERA.

Decorative Wood Aging
To bring more complex colour tones to the wood, our craftsmen apply patina by hand with due care and diligence. Thus, it enhances TOSCANA doors a look of time touch.

Handcrafted Wood Decorating
Along with the use of modern technologies, we keep cherishing ancient traditions of handmade wood finishing. Therefore every single TOSCANA door is unique and unmatched.

On LITERA doors there is a three-letter monogram ‘FLG’ that symbolizes belonging to the Italian woodwork art school. At your request, our experts can inlay a personalized monogram

Wood inlay technique has decorated doors over the centuries and is still relevant to this day. Skillfully carved on wood surface, metalized letters perform a distinctive feature of LITERA doors.

Portals Collection
Carved trim casing and pompous pilasters, ascending tympanums and doorheads… We offer the unique selection of door casings, so you can build the instant character within your living space.

European Hardware
In the TOSCANA collection there is hardware from leading European manufacturers.
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