AGB Eclipse 3.0 Satin Chrome Interior Doors 1 Set


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  • Reversible concealed hinge with a frame part reduced to 20 mm in order to allow the installation of the telescopic coverplate without breaking it in correspondence to the hinge. Eclipse 3.0 is adjustable on 3 axis and allows a 180° opening. It is suitable for flush doors, with and without rebate.
  • Capacity: 40 kg with 2 hinges, 60 kg with 3 hinges.
  • Fastening: Mill frame and sash parts as you can see in the drawing and fasten the hinge with specific screws. - Frame part: Ø 4,5 x 35 mm (3/16" x 1 3/8") ; - Frame part with telescopic coverplate: Ø 4,5 x 20 mm (3/16" x 25/32"); - Sash part: Ø 4,5 x 35 mm (3/16" x 1 3/8") (or higher length).

● Suitable for telescopic coverplates.

● Completely invisible thanks to the reduced dimensions.

● Easy installation: sash and frame parts can be assembled separately during production and joined on site.

● The covers conceal the adjustment screws, for elegance also when the sash is open.

● Three adjustments completely independent one from the other: adjustment in pressure ±1 mm (1/32"), vertical ±2 mm (3/32") and horizontal ±1,5 mm (1/16)

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