AGB Polaris 2XT Passage Magnetic Lock Satin Chrome


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Magnetic movement lock particularly suitable for lean-look, modern design internal doors.
Peerlessly versatile, thanks to design of innovative strikers which can be used for rebated and flush doors, with wooden or aluminium frames.
Polaris 2XT is remarkably quiet on closing and precise in its mechanical coupling, conveying pleasurable sensations on handle and key movement.
The lock is manufactured by AGB, a well-known European brand specializing in the manufacture of fittings for windows and doors.
Since 1947, AGB offers the best high-quality solutions for door and window constructions of various types, designed for long-term operation both indoors and in difficult climatic conditions.
All AGB products are produced only in Italy.

We offer door hardware, sliding systems, handles, hinges, locks, pulls for interior doors. Check our profile and order now!

Set includes: magnetic lock and striker plate.

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