Sarto Planum 0010 Interior Door Smoky Oak Vertical


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This modern neoclassic interior door is made from a solid wood frame and covered in Ciplex Technology. It can be made in several different custom sizes up to nine feet tall and forty inches wide. The door is produced in Europe using Italian material and assembled in St. Petersburg. Using high quality material, the door is protected from humidity and is scratch resistant. This contemporary door with several color options will complement any interior design. This would be a perfect door for both commercial and residential properties.

Finishings of doors

  • Ginger Ash

    Ginger Ash

  • Honey Ash

    Honey Ash

  • Milky Ash

    Milky Ash

  • Chocolate Ash

    Chocolate Ash

  • White Silk

    White Silk

  • Cognac Oak

    Cognac Oak

  • Smoky Oak

    Smoky Oak

  • Tobacco Oak

    Tobacco Oak

  • Wenge


  • Anegry Cocoa

    Anegry Cocoa

  • Anegry Chocolate

    Anegry Chocolate

  • Brandy Walnut

    Brandy Walnut

  • Matte Snow White

    Matte Snow White

  • Matte Milky White

    Matte Milky White

  • Matte Grey

    Matte Grey

  • Matte Dark Grey

    Matte Dark Grey

  • Matte Antracite

    Matte Antracite

  • Matte Black

    Matte Black

  • Matte Ivory

    Matte Ivory

  • Matte Latte

    Matte Latte

  • Snow White Ash

    Snow White Ash

  • Milky White Ash

    Milky White Ash

  • Grey Ash

    Grey Ash

  • Dark Grey Ash

    Dark Grey Ash

  • Moccachino Ash

    Moccachino Ash

  • Black Ash

    Black Ash

  • Creamy Ash

    Creamy Ash

Configurations of doors

  • 0010


  • 2102


  • 4114


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