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Sarto Lignum 0701 Interior Door Ivory Beech Gold Patina

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Solid wooden door with a single panel is sound and promises a personalized style. The ivory paint with gold outlines gives it an elegant and heavenly look, the door is perfect for home and non-commercial use where a personalized style is appreciate. All of the products used including locks, handles, and hinges are obtained from the best manufacturers which means you can relax and not worry about the quality of these products. We never compromise on quality and offer the best value to your investment.

Sarto Lignum 0701 Interior Door comes in the following configurations: Single Swing Door, Double Swing Door, Single Pocket Door, Double Pocket Door, Bi-fold door, Sliding on the wall, Sliding Door.

Our interior doors are expertly crafted by experienced professionals on cutting edge equipment that ensure modern and chic looking products for our customers. Each and every interior door that we manufacture is backed up by warranty providing you peace of mind. Trendy design, superior quality and latest innovative technologies this is what we call Modern Interior Doors!

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