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Sturdy Double Barn Door | Veregio 7288 Aquamarine with Frosted Glass | 13FT Rail Hangers Heavy Set | Solid Panel Interior Doors


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Welcome to the world of elegance - Double Barn doors

Step out of the world of ordinary and monotonous designs. Step into a place where you have the power to order and buy Double Barn doors you have always dreamt of, where style meets sophistication, and you say a visual hello to your visitors even when you don't utter a word. These double barn doors are more than just a means to shut the outside world; they are a statement of your style and your personality.

Order and buy Double Barn doors with us, and let your home do the talking for you!

Aquamarine blue - A perpetual charm

Set your senses into a soothing melody with beautiful Aqua marine blue color, that rolls onto your doors like a calm ocean wave. The color palette : blue, that reminds you of serene skies and peacefully flowing rivers, makes these doors simply irresistible.

Black rail - The epitome of grace and utility

While the beautiful color wraps your doors in an oceanic charm, the Black rails provide a perfect contrast, an edge that distinguishes its beauty. Functionally, these rails are typically sturdy and designed to hold the massive Double Barn doors with grace. But not just that, they stand as a fashion statement in themselves.

Glass finish - redefine elegance

What's a door without a little bit of peeking? The Frosted glass finish on these Double Barn doors offers you the right amount of 'look-through' while maintaining your privacy. Isn't that a great way to strike a balance between your taste and needs?

Why choose interior doors from our collection?

In this creative ensemble, it's difficult to stick to just one thing! So why limit yourself to the Double Barn doors? Explore order and buy interior doors that range from modish modulor kitchens to elegant bathroom furniture.

United Porte - Your one-stop shop for doors

Finally, with our assurance of quality, variety, and impeccable customer support, we, at United Porte, make sure you get nothing but the best. When it comes to doors, we offer a plethora of options, right from materials to design and from color to finish.

Order and buy doors with your trusted partner and let your doors speak volumes about your refined taste.


Let's embrace Modern living with a touch of sophistication. It's time to step out of the ordinary, out of the regular, and into the world of classy interiors, where every corner of your home showcases your taste and style. Remember, doors are much more than just a means to an end; they are the beginning of good design. Choose wisely and live elegantly.
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