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10 simple ways to soundproof interior door

10 simple ways to soundproof interior door

Environmental noise is an everyday reality for many. Traffic, parties, dog barks, and construction works are some unpleasant sounds that may ruin an otherwise comfortable stay at home.

What's more, these noises can raise our stress levels. Additionally, in a digital world where more people work from home, these displeasing sounds are distracting and can easily impede productivity.

While there are a host of strategies that promise to keep unwanted noises at bay, installing sound dampening doors is one of the most effective.

This article shares ten simple ways on how to soundproof a door. 

Let’s delve into the specifics.

1. Filling gaps with Sealant

Even with dense sliding closet doors, outside noise can come in through spaces around the entry ways' edges. Fortunately, applying a sealant of your choice can bring down the noise. Some of the best sealants include silicon and gap foam. You can also use weather-stripping tape, which is as efficient.

2. Installing door sweeps

Many homeowners use sweeps to ensure their doors lock with minimal resistance and keep dirt and pests out of their homes. But, how many know that they are also one of the most inexpensive soundproofing for a door? 

These sweeps are lodged on the interior, completely sealing the bottom gap. That way, sound does not come in or leave the room. 

3. Hanging sound-proofing blankets

Another way to prevent sound from going through your hollow doors is by hanging a soundproofing blanket.

This special blanket comes in different thicknesses, and the denser it is, the better its sound-reducing capabilities. Depending on your environment's noise levels, you can also use two or more. However, due to their not-so-pleasing aesthetics, they are appropriate for rooms with minimal traffic.

4. Use fiberglass panels

Do you want to achieve noise insulation similar to that of music studios? Installing fiberglass panels will do just that. To take advantage of their impeccable noise absorption capabilities, you can install one on the door’s interior and another on the exterior.

5. Install meeting stiles

Challenges keeping noise between two rooms to a minimum are not unheard of, especially if they are separated using double doors. In this case, achieving a quiet ambience is as easy as installing meeting stiles, which seal the space between the two doors and prevent sound penetration.

6. Mass loaded vinyl

This is one of the excellent ways to soundproof a door. It is a thin yet dense material, making it ideal for sound barring applications. However, since it can effectively block both high and low sound frequencies, its price tag is considerably higher than most noise-insulating options.

7. Install soundproof curtains

Well, who thought hanging curtains on the entryway would block and absorb noise from the outside?

Initially made for the windows, soundproof curtains are now popular sound insulation for door options. They are thick, which is an important quality to watch out for when looking for the best insulating materials.

8. Install door thresholds

Apart from providing weather-protection benefits, door thresholds can also be used to achieve a noise insulation door. They are similar to sweeps, only that they are attached to the floor to seal the bottom space, cutting out the sound. 

9. Using a Gasket

When building a soundproof door, consider using a gasket.

To install it, you will need to attach the gasket to the door frame. Once done, be sure you will enjoy peace and quiet. 

10. Install a solid-core wooden door

Installing an interior door expertly crafted from solid wood is hands-down the best way to soundproof a door. Unlike their hollow counterparts, sliding doors made from solid wood like mahogany prevent most (if not all) of the noises from going through.


Sound resistant doors are a surefire way to create a pleasant living environment and achieve optimal relaxation. It also helps keep private conversations just that - private! 

What’s more, you get to enjoy better communication in your home.

United Porte provides a wide range of solid doors that block entirely out noises, creating ample living space and improving your quality of life. Our experts also possess the knowledge to advise you on the appropriate sound-dampening technique depending on your unique needs.

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