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Here are collected the most asked questions and answers to them.

What do I need to do to place an order?

Below is information that you must know before making an order:

Model and finishing of the desired door;
Door size and type;
Do you need the casings and jamb for the door?
Do you need the door accessories? 

Installation instructions

All of our door models are made for easy and fast installation. Here is our instruction manual to make the process even easier. Images are provided with every description to insure understanding.

Download Sarto Doors Installation Recomendation for Hinged Doors
Download Sarto Doors Installation Recomendation for French Double Doors
Download Sarto Doors Installation Recomendation for Barn Doors
Download Sarto Doors Installation Recomendation for Pocket Doors
Download Sarto Doors Installation Recomendation for Bypass Doors

Download Vdom Installation Recomendation for Exterior Doors

How can I make an order?

You can make an order using one of the following options:

Order online

Select the desired doors on site UnitedPorte, necessary accessories and add it to cart. After that, you can continue a shopping or pay for the purchase.

Order by phone

Just call (332) 777-7005 and tell us, which doors you want.

Order by e-mail:

Write to us on [email protected] and tell about desired doors and necessary accessories.

How correctly to measure doors?

For correct door measurements, it is necessary to measure in the following places:

To find out the width - measure top, center and bottom of doors and take the greatest value.
To find out the height - measure side of the handle and side of the hinges.

What does a "pre-hung door" means?

Pre-hung door is a door slab that comes with casings, jambs and hardware.
Parts come in separate packages to avoid the damages during the shipping.
Installation is easy enough, instruction is attached.

Do you have custom door?

Yes, we can many a custom door with many sizes, 8 feet or even 12 feet doors!

What is a pocket door?

If you want to maximize space at your tiny apartment or home with least investment then it is good to go ahead with pocket door kit. When we talk about hinged doors then they are remembered by their swinging motion but on the other side pocket doors use to slide into hollow cavity that is called as a pocket. In simple words, the pocket doors are conventional door units that are mounted on rollers and they glide along overhead tracks. If you have lesser space at home or need much specific planning about space management at every corner then it becomes essential to think about pocket doors. Here you need not to keep additional space for door swing motion so approximately 10 square feet space can be easily eliminated.

What is a bypass door?

The bypass doors look somewhat like sliding style doors; the major benefit of adding such doors to closets is that they bring a catchy impression to home. These doors are highly functional units as you can easily open them by simply pulling them right or left with least force. If you are finding some difficulties in making final decision about best door type for your interior décor then the long list of bypass door advantages will definitely help you to make right choice.

Can I order only the door furniture, without door slab?

Of course, you can order Italian handles, hinges, locks for own doors. Also we sell casings and jambs with vary sizes and finishes.

I liked your doors, but I'm not sure that they will fit my home design.

We offer the free samples of door finishings with only delivery cost $10.

What is the delivery time for the doors?

3-10 business days for doors in stock and 60-120 days for exclusive orders.

Do you deliver doors by Fedex?

Yes, by own UnitedPorte's driver, DYLT, Fedex, UPS and USPS.

What is a door casing?

Casing is a decorative frame of a doorway, usually consisting of two vertical stoises and one transverse one. Casings are made of different materials, such as MDF, PVC. A coating can be laminated, veneered, painted or with plastic lining. As a rule, one doorway needs 5 pcs. casings (2.5 on each side).door casing

What is a door jamb?

Jamb is part of the door unit, which is fixed in the doorway, and the door door is fastened to the box with door hinges.
door jamb

What is a jamb extension?

Extension is a flat bar allowing you to close the doorway through the entire thickness of the wall. If necessary, the dosing is spreading to the required width, for this purpose, slots are provided on the reverse side.

Door Swing Configuration

When pulling the door notice on which side there are hinges. If on the left, then door is left-sided, if on the right, then door is right-sided. Also, when pulling the door it's easier to pull left-sided door with the left hand and right-sided door with the right.

right handleft hand

How I can install the doors?

You can use this installation instruction for our doors.

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