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  • Delivery Services

    United Porte delivers your doors, furniture, and kitchens swiftly and securely. We understand the excitement of ordering exquisite items and guarantee prompt, safe delivery. Our dedicated fleet ensures that your European doors, bathroom furniture, and modular kitchens arrive punctually, maintaining their elegance. Experience the ease and reliability of United Porte’s delivery service, ensuring that every chosen piece from our store seamlessly integrates into your home, hassle-free.

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  • Installation services

    United Porte transforms your home with expert installation of doors, bathroom, and kitchen furniture. Our skilled team ensures every door and fixture is perfectly fitted, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your space. From European doors to modular kitchens, each installation is handled with precision, turning your interior design visions into stunning realities. Trust us to craft and integrate every element seamlessly, making your home a masterpiece of style and comfort.

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  • Measurement service

    United Porte ensures precision in your home's transformation. From perfectly measured doors that speak of elegance to meticulously fitted bathroom and kitchen furniture, our measurement services guarantee each element complements your space and style. Avoid the missteps of DIY and let our professionals tailor every detail to your needs. Whether it’s a welcoming door, a harmonious bathroom, or a kitchen that sings with every meal, United Porte crafts spaces that resonate with your dreams.

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  • Selection - design - consultation

    United Porte transforms your home with expertly curated doors, bathroom, and kitchen designs, turning every selection into a masterpiece. Beyond mere entrances, our doors set the tone for your home's story, while our tailored bathroom and kitchen consultations ensure every piece resonates with your style. Experience personalized, professional guidance and virtual previews, crafting your home into a testament of your dreams. With United Porte, every detail harmonizes in your home's unique narrative.

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  • Custom Size

    Discover our expert custom door trimming service for all interior door types. Get precision resizing for solid and non-solid doors, professional installation, and a quick 1-3 day turnaround. Your solution for perfect-fit doors!

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