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Custom doors manufacturer

We are United Porte, a reputable interior and entry doors manufacturer. As the leading bespoke doors manufacturer, we believe the beauty of all entries is in the details. We are experts in creating sophisticated and straightforward door designs, whichever your preference. Types of doors that we offer.

  • Interior doors

    Interior doors

    We are a manufacturer of doors that specializes in making your interiors more appealing. We are experts in custom interiors modern, planum, kitchen pantry, or solid french styles for home or work; made from glass, wood, Quadro, or white silk.

  • French doors

    French doors

    Buy a door that incorporates a classic European style. For a sophisticated look, you can choose from our variety of French wood doors for interiors.

  • Barn doors

    Barn doors

    Unlike its name, the barn door isn’t always used on a farm. Our single and double barn interior doors can be used indoors. Our sliding barn doors especially elevate the value of your home in minutes.

  • Closet doors

    Closet doors

    As an experienced interior doors manufacturer, we create bypass and modern double styles closet doors that slide, hang or stand tall in your interior space.

  • Pocket doors

    Pocket doors

    If you want to open into your space and yet remain inconspicuous, our single and double interior pocket doors will do the trick.

  • Door slab

    Door slab

    We painstakingly craft door slabs for the solid, panel, and frosted glass doors to create a sturdy finishing for your living space.

  • Entry doors

    Entry doors

    Uniquely defined by a long or short stainless steel handle, our entry doors are front-exterior prehung doors crafted from oak, enamel, or graphite.

  • Hidden frameless doors

    Hidden frameless doors

    Our hidden frameless doors use a flush-to-wall design that’s visible only when you want it.

What door materials are used at the United Porte?

As a custom door manufacturer, offering impeccable customer service is always top of mind. To satisfy the diverse needs of our clients, we use various types of materials to create our custom door collection. These materials include.


This is the most economical entry door choice for transforming interior spaces. It is made from resin polyvinyl chloride, and we will use upgrades on the finished product to make it aesthetically appealing and improve its value to ensure longevity.


MDF provides greater flexibility for producing intricate designs, enabling a crisp rather than molded finishing.


Steel doors can withstand harsh elements in your space and will not rust.


Natural wood is the perfect material to achieve modern flush wooden doors for interior spaces. For this reason, we are strict on using hardwood such as oak, ash, poplar, and walnut when making our

Frosted glass

Our frosted glass dissipates light and dulls any images behind the glass, combining exquisite style with heightened privacy.

Why should you order custom doors in the United Porte?

With the many door manufacturing companies emerging, care must be taken when you order a door online.

United Porte is an experienced door manufacturing company that has mastered the art of creating bespoke doors. Apart from our excellent customer service, we are also a great doors supplier.

Reasons why you should order custom doors from our custom door company

  1. Eco-friendly manufacturing that supports afforestation.
  2. Succinct combination of style, safety, and savings with each United Porte door.
  3. Renewable and easy-to-clean doors.
  4. We are experts at researching the best manufacturing resources to solve your space’s entry and exit needs.
  5. We offer goods-in-transit insurance and after-sales support for delivery, installation, and maintenance.

About us

With 25 years of experience in furniture and interior door construction sector, our doors are known for unique natural pattern, durability and different features. The quality and texture of timber wood particularly known as veneer not only enhance the charm of the finished material but also gives strength to the door so that it lasts long. Door Design Bureau "United Porte" is very well aware of the ageing of the wood and how its appearance and shades vary as the time passes. But we are well ahead of time, and thus in all of our products you would see unmistakable signs of noble and natural beauty which never fades away!

Our Planum, Lucia and Quadro collections along with many others will simply complement the interiors of your house. The different palette of shades ranging from white silk to dark chocolate gives you plethora of options to emphasize and redefine the meaning of beauty. We try and achieve working closely with our customers to ensure we not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our trained and well-experienced team leaves no stone unturned in processing your tailored requests and that is why when it comes to flexible service, you can trust Door Design Bureau blindly.

At "United Porte", the sanctity of European wood is mixed with clever creativity to produce the products that blends aesthetics, functionality, technology and craftsmanship. The door should reflect the care and competence with which it was made with while retaining its original beauty and strength and thus our manufacturing process includes careful assembling of several strips of solid wood for a perfect stability.

Most of the people are afraid to invest in doors because they presume that fashion of the particular door will not stay for long and will get out-dated. But even “if fashion goes by, style remains” and collection of Door Design Bureau is always a choice of style.

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