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How to choose the right handles and locks for your doors?

How to choose the right handles and locks for your doors?

Gateways are an indispensable part of our homes. We connect from one room to another and the house to the outside through entries. Door handles and locks are the engines driving our entries, and selecting one that blends well with an entry is crucial. Many designs range from traditional conservative makes to modern and bold trends.


The structure and color of your inner entrances will dictate the best knob layout or lock for an entry. Learn about door hardware here and get tips on how to choose locks for interior doors.

Pay Attention to the Style of the Interior in Your Home

Settling at the right handles for doors into the starts with style. Is your home built in an ancient conservative style, a modern one, or a blend of both? Picking on a scraggy modern doorknob for a traditionally designed interior is inharmonious while going olden in a classy current in-decor is unusual.

If the inner parts of your property have a contemporary style, large stylish interior doors handles with visible engraves and symmetrical patterns will blend well. A modern knob or handle is simple, posing a sense of perfect tranquility and a relaxing tone. The majority of the latest innovative handles and knobs appear in chrome which accentuates their cool yet eye-catching appearance.

A handle with an old metallic touch is perfect for a traditionally designed interior. These designs will add an inviting feel to your house, leaving it warm and welcoming.

Do You Need Door Handles or Door Knobs?

Most people tend to overlook the uniqueness and suitability of the knobs for interior doors and handles. Prior to buying gateway accessories, analyze your inner décor and entrance type, and then choose. There is always a make that goes well with every poise, from old to present-day or prudish. Both accessories add to décor, but it is cursive to open and close an entry having a lever, making it the best for kids and disabled persons.

  • Door Knobs

They preceded the invention of other in-house entry accessories flamboyant in traditional and current layouts. Are you fond of your room being discreet? Then go for entrance knobs. A great attribute is; they complement well with classic and period poises.

  • Door Handles

They were invented about three centuries ago, and their outlooks have advanced with time. They open and close quickly since a treadle is incorporated in their design, making it cursive to open and close entries. There is a wide array of designs and shades for you; select according to your like.

Types of Knobs and Handles for Interior Doors

At United Porte, we have designed various gateway accessories for your maisonette, ranging from ancient to modern. Our collections are magnificent and unique, just as a dwelling should look. The following are types of handles for interior entrances. The use of an area influences what handles to choose for doors.

  • Modern square satin nickel

It is a lever without a lock and is suitable for the hall, kitchen, and pantry. Used both internally and externally for left and right-sided doors.

  • Fimet ice FO5 European door handle

Long lever handle with satin chrome finish. Suitable for inside entrances.

  • Modern square satin nickel with key lock

It has a fastener and suits inside entrances like the living room and bedroom.

  • Modern square nickel privacy

For washrooms and sleeping areas, have locks. A modern square satin nickel matte knob with a lock is ideal for sleeping area entrances.

Do you Need a Lock for a Door for a Specific Room?

Some areas require closure and security and therefore have to be fitted with various types of locks for interior doors. It would be best to consider the function and needs of a room before you pick the right locks for doors. A door to your sleeping area or washroom should have a lock to ensure closure, while the one going outside calls for protection. Different entrances require different fasteners. Here are three examples of door locks.


Types of locks for interior doors


  • Nickel Satin Key Lock

The nickel satin with key is suitable for bedrooms to enhance protection and privacy.

  • Modern Square Satin Nickel Lock

This lock is suitable for bedrooms and washrooms

  • Modern Square Nickel Handle Matte Lock

Outer gateways require fasteners to enhance protection. Modern square satin nickel with a separate lock and key is best for exterior gateways since it requires time to unlock and open.


Your property is only complete when you add the appropriate door hardware to the exterior and inner gateways. A good choice of handles, locks, and knobs for your doors will give your home a contemporary edge.

At United Porte, we design unique and classic doors and door hardware to add decor, make a bold impression, completely change the architectural style and give your home a subtle look. Contact us today for advice on how to give your property the stylish finish it deserves.


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