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How To Fix Loose Door Hinges?

How To Fix Loose Door Hinges?

If you were to have a glass of wine every time someone opened and shut a door in your house, well, you have a pretty clear idea of what would happen.

What we mean is that doors serve multiple functions and are among the most used hardware in any home. As a result, they are susceptible to everyday wear and tear, especially those mounted in high-traffic areas such as the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room.

One of the most common entryway problems is loose hinges, with sagging being an obvious tell-tale sign that the door hinge screws are loose and need immediate fixing. 

This article focuses on how to fix a door hinge that is loose, going into detail about the tools you need, the steps to take, and what exactly causes the problem.

What tools will you need to fix the hinges?

Before you learn exactly how to fix loose door hinges, you must gather the right tools.

If it's the first time you are dealing with entryways that stick to the floor as you open or shut them, using a screwdriver to tighten the screws will do the trick.

However, the repairing process differs if this has been a recurring problem and now you're dealing with stripped screw holes.

In such a case, these are the tools you will need to fix a stripped door hinge 

  • A drill
  • Yellow glue, popularly known as carpenter’s glue
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wooden matchsticks or toothpicks

Steps for repairing loose hinges

These are the steps of how to fix stripped screw hole in the wood door frame.


Since the entryway is dangling downwards, you need to level it. Do this by placing a wedge under it, specifically on the outer corner. Also, to prevent it from toppling over, place a heavy object in front of it or have someone hold it firmly before you remove the screws.

Remove the screws

The next step is to locate the hinge screws and unscrew them. You can either use the screwdriver or drill. 

Fill the extra gap

Take the wooden toothpicks or matchsticks, coat them with the carpenter’s glue, and push them into the screw hole (use a hammer if need be). The number of toothpicks to use depend on the size of the hole and their main purpose is to ensure that the screws have wood to grab onto as you drive them in. 

Remember to trim off the excess wood.

Repeat this step with the other holes.

Insert the screws 

Reposition the hinge as they previously were and drive the screws into the hole with the help of a screwdriver. But before you do that, make sure the glue has dried up. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find the approximate time to wait for the glue to set.

Use a damp cloth to clean off any glue mess.

Why do door hinges become loose?

Some of the reasons why you are dealing with stripped screws on door hinges are: 

  • General wear and tear

Did you know that these are the most overworked part of an entryway? Considering that entryways operate regularly, you can expect that hinges will wear out over time - especially if they were installed years ago. The screws will loosen up causing the door to drag down.

  • Bad practices

A common bad practice that may leave you susceptible to this problem is when children hang on the knobs. Doing this puts unnecessary weight on the slab, which surpasses the weight the screws can handle. As a result, the screw holes wear out, causing a dangling problem.

  • Lack of proper maintenance

Manufacturers recommend servicing your entryway at least once every year to ensure optimal functionality. During such a time, a professional will conduct an inspection identifying potential problems and particularly scrutinizing the hinges for dirt, loose screws, or rust.

Additionally, experts state that lubricating the hinge should be done at least twice every year. Doing this religiously minimizes the chances of dealing with a stripped screw door hinge.

  • Purchasing subpar-quality hinges

Counterfeit hinges may not provide a long service life. They wear out fast and it's only a matter of time before you are making ‘how to fix a door hinge screws’ search queries on Google. 

While identifying knock-offs can be a struggle, things such as poor cuts and subpar craftsmanship are some of the tell-tale signs. Also, be on the lookout for mismatched holes.

Fix loose hinges yourself or call a contractor

Repairing a door hinge is not hard. It’s a task that anyone with basic carpentry knowledge can handle, especially if they have access to easy-to-follow hinge repair guides.

On the other hand, you can also call a contractor to fix stripped door hinge holes, particularly if you don’t have the necessary tools for the trade. Although you will need to part with a couple of dollars, these professionals understand their craft and you can expect top-quality work. They also understand safety precautions and can professionally handle any unprecedented issues that may arise while undertaking the repairs.

Besides, if you have any other problems, they will handle them there and then.


Loose hinges are a common problem for homeowners and what might seem like a small issue may escalate further if ignored. Before you know it, you are calling in a professional to repair a broken interior door frame.

Besides, it’s highly likely that you will deal with this problem at least once in your life as a homeowner, but this depends on how often you schedule routine servicing.

But even with all the great maintenance practices, minimizing the occurrence of loose hinges starts with purchasing quality products.

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