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Flush Door With A Concealed Frame: What Is It, Why Go For It?

Flush Door With A Concealed Frame: What Is It, Why Go For It?

Doors are a home’s point of entry and one of the most important aspects of a house. They are installed for security purposes, keeping unwanted people out. Additionally, they separate interior spaces, allowing people to enjoy privacy and convenience.

As functional as they are, many homeowners are concerned about aesthetics. They focus on texture, design, color, and curb appeal.

For these reasons, the construction industry is continually upping its game, presenting homeowners with an array of aesthetically-pleasing entryways that suit their home’s ‘vibe’ and take their space to the next level.

Flush frame doors have some of the most stylish designs we have seen in recent times and are the number one reason they make their way into many homes.

This article focuses on the concealed frame door, explaining in-depth what it is and why you should consider installing it.

What is a flush door with a concealed frame?

As the name suggests, this is an entryway with invisible door frames and hidden hinges. It is aesthetically pleasing, making it a favorite of architects and designers.

So, what other reasons have made it the go-to option? 

For starters,

  • The flush hidden door is sleek, making it perfect for contemporary buildings
  • It is easy to install
  • It provides optimal accessibility, allowing 180-degree action
  • Its timeless look makes it ideal for people who love a minimalist space
  • It is affordable and durable 

Structural integrity

Switching to visually appealing entryways is a common trend. It is particularly popular because it takes a home’s curb appeal several notches higher.

This is especially true for homeowners who want to make the perfect first impression on potential home buyers, and will often spend so much effort finding a beautiful attention-grabbing entryway that improves their chance of making a sale.

Unfortunately, many will often concentrate on style and customization, forcing structural integrity to take a back seat. 

But not with frameless interior doors!

These types of entryways merge quality and sophistication. They are ultra-modern and do not compromise on quality. Furthermore, they are easily customizable, whether you are in the market for a right/left out/inswing door, maintaining their structural integrity for the long haul.

Revolutionized installation of flush doors

When you first hear of concealed pivot hinge flush doors it’s expected that you would think of an overly complex installation process.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

These door panels are easy to install. With a minimalist door frame and practical designs, even DIYers with basic carpentry skills can easily mount them. However, it is always an excellent idea to call in experienced professionals as they will handle the installation faster and have expertise in case of unprecedented issues. 

So, what can you expect once the installation is done?

  • Totally flat panel - This is the main feature that elevates the look of your home, allowing you to enjoy a smooth surface from the door to its outer perimeter
  • Hidden hinges - With no distracting hardware that may hurt the overall look of your home, your door and wall will have an amazing continuous appearance.

Concealed door hinges

The beauty of this type of wood interior door is its adjustable concealed hinges. Since they are hidden, you will not have to deal with hinge knuckles that stick out. So, whether you open or close the concealed frame door, the hinges will remain out of sight, giving your home a seamless look.

How to use a modern flush door with a concealed frame?

If you are a movie fanatic, you may have noticed a couple of them that featured mansions with mysterious entryways that led to an armory room or safe house. How cool!

And if you find such things fascinating, do you know that ‘secret passages’ are something you can have in your home?

Well, sort of…

A concealed door provides an elegant way for homeowners to hide rooms that they want to be tucked away in their homes. While interior wood and glass french doors are perfect for most homes, options that feature a flush door frame provide a clean facade.

Some of the creative ways to integrate them into your home include:

  • A bookshelf opens into another room 

Having a concealed entryway disguised as a bookshelf is a common variation of how you can use these modern flush entryways. However, this option is best implemented sparingly.

  • To hide storage areas

If you are one who detests clutter and has a storage area under the staircase, you might want to consider this flush entryway option. It lets you comfortably store things you don’t or rarely use without most people noticing such a space even exists.

  • Use it as a work of art

One of the most creative ways to integrate a concealed frame entryway into your living area is by using it as your home’s ‘accent wall.’ 

Highlight it by using colors, textures, and materials that bring in contrast. Make sure whatever you incorporate stands out amazingly so that it instantly grabs the attention of anyone who walks into your space. 

One thing to note when considering frameless options in multiple rooms is that achieving a continuous look requires all details to be spot on. That means ensuring the materials or finishes used on the door are an exact match to what you use on the walls.

Why are they perfect for unique interior design?

Hidden flush entryways are excellent for contemporary interior design because:

  • They are simple, bringing forward a minimalist look which is a modern trend.
  • Its hidden hinges do not interrupt the flow of a room, enhancing a small house’s space
  • They are solid and durable as well as stain and scratch-resistant
  • Frameless walls are versatile, which assures you they will fit into any space whether the walls are curved or not
  • They open whichever way you prefer, so you can rest assured they will not be a hindrance when you decide to switch up your home’s interior design

Why choose United Porte for modern concealed doors

United Porte is well-known for delivering a wide range of doors of uncompromising quality. All our products are made with the customer in mind, helping us build stylish interior and exterior entryways that instantly elevate your home’s curb appeal.

Most importantly, we customize our products to suit a customer’s lifestyle, preferences, and home design. We are keen on the smallest details, guaranteeing premium products with the perfect finishes.

If you have any questions or want to purchase entryways, contact us today for your free quote.


Now that you have an in-depth understanding of concealed doors, I hope you consider it the next time you are undertaking major home renovations or are building your home.

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