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French door trends 2023

French door trends 2023

Discover creative designs of French entrances that will create a sense of openness and elegance in your home. Our trendy French door designs come with features that add sophistication to the interior and exterior of your house in a simple but eye-catching manner. 

French door trends date back to the 17th century when the first designs surfaced in Britain. The idea behind creating these aesthetic designs was to allow more light to poorly illuminated rooms but have continuously developed with eccentric and modern features. 

Aesthetic entrances are made of metal and wooden sash bars fitted with glass panes to allow natural light into the house. They are designed like windows with glass occupying most of their body.

Today, there are different types of modern designs for an internal and external closure. Here are some popular French doors in 2022 

External French Doors


Made of hardened glass fitted to wood or metal, external French entrances will limit accidents and protect you against bad weather. Modern designs have inbuilt multipoint locks which reinforce security.

With an exterior design, you can view your garden right from your couch while enjoying the external breeze on a sunny afternoon. The sliding of the entrance saves space for other decorative items such as flower vessels and decorative carvings, giving your house a classy feel.

Interior French Doors


Made of bright glass, these unique designs allow light to pass through, creating a sense of space between rooms. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, making modern entrances act as insulators against heat loss during cold weather, leaving your house warm. 


Installing a trendy French door in your house will give your living room a classy look.

Sliding French Doors


These popular French doors are also known as gliding doors. They have double ball-bearing rollers, which make them easy to operate. Multiple locks at different peripheral points boost a sense of security for your house and interlocking features that help you keep draught at bay.

You can order single and multi-panel sliding entrances from our company which come in different sizes to boost elegance in your home. We use pine, marble, and oak bars with hardened glass that guarantees you long-lasting and stylish entrances.

White French Doors

White entrances add an elegant feel to your interior while transmitting natural light to your suite. The bright color warms up your living room and accentuates its size with a clear view of the exterior. The windowlike make of these modern entrances adds an aesthetic value to your interior, giving it a warm ambiance.

For more about trendy windows French doors, visit our website here.

Solid French Doors With Glass

Our modern entry doors with frosted glass will accord you comfort and warmth while keeping your interior illuminated. The double glass entry with amazing interlocks and attractive muntin makes them the most trendy French doors in your residence. The window-like door with clear glass offers you the best view of your garden while relaxing. 

Solid French entries with glass are ideal for any area in your house and come in different sizes. They can also be modified to your needs and preferences.


It's the right time to discover top innovative interior designs that create a first impression of the style of your home. At United Porte, we offer you a variety of stylish and unique French doors at affordable prices. You can order French doors and give your house the magnificent look it deserves. 

Our design experts will guide you to make the best choice of entrances for your interior and exterior at no extra cost. Visit our website and explore the top trending interior doors in 2022 that reinvigorate your contemporary home!


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