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How to choose the right door knobs colors?

How to choose the right door knobs colors?

Selecting a door knob color is a crucial step in adding the final touch to your interior and exterior gateways. You need to consider the color of your entrance before picking a knob color that compliments it. Different colors for door knobs add varying personality images to your knob, a white color portrays a peaceful personality while a black knob casts a bold and conservative aura.

Choosing your colors with consideration of the above factors will add up to an elegant and modern décor for your home.

At United Porte, we design and install modern-day entrances and knobs that are both unique and stylish. We offer the most popular door hardware finish for your home at an affordable cost. Read more about doors for interiors here.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top seven best colors for your doorknobs.

Blue Hues

Blue hues come in two shades, cool and warm. A satin chrome knob and satin nickel will blend well with cool shade while the warm shade blends well with satin brass. Silver creates an eye-catching contrast with both shades casting a warm ambience to your entry.

Aqua Hues

Aqua hues bring a calm feel to your door, just like still waters. The best door knob colors for a dark shade should be bright to create a warm feel like polished nickel and bright chrome. For a light shade, dark-colored knobs will create a subtle contrasting feel giving your gateway an elegant finish like the matte black.

Green Hues

Nature lovers are fond of green hues, they cast a feel of nature and tranquility right in your house. A deep shade of green blends well with the golden satin brass door knob finishes that attract a royal and warm feel. For the lighter shade, a dark black matte creates a complimenting contrast leaving your gateway classy.

Grey Hues

A feeling of maturity comes with grey and a warm-colored doorknob will blend well with both shades of grey. The darker shade will blend well with bright chrome that adds a warm feel while polished bright nickel is the best door handle color for light grey hues.

Red Hues

A deep red shade will blend perfectly with a bold matte black creating a domineering aura in your entrance. For the lighter red, copper will cool down the dramatic personality of bright red. Ancient bronze door knob finishes will add a relaxing feel to light red.

Black Hues

A bold and conservative aura comes out handsomely with black entrance. Most colors will blend well with a black hue. The ideal interior door knob colors for a deep black is shiny satin black that adds warmth to the traditional feel.

The Warmer black blends best with golden satin brass adding to a royal and refined touch.

Knob Finishes for White Doors

A peaceful and warm touch reflects from a white entry. The perfect shade for white entrances should be dark and bold to cool down the bright and dramatic nature of a white. The ideal door hardware colors for whit with the entry area. For external entry, black the matte will compliment the warm white elegantly. A golden brass satin and old bronze will contrast well for white doors in the interior.


When selecting colors for your door knobs, the colors of the door should guide you. Bright colors are ideal for black doors while darker shades blend well with white and lighter shades. These innovative modern designs are envisioned in our belief that makes a bold impression while boosting your home in style. 

Our world-class design experts at United Porte will hold your hand in choosing the ideal color for your door knobs and offer you a lasting elegance in your gateways. Contact your favorite doors manufacturer for a perfect finish to your gateways.


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