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How to install Bi Fold door?

How to install Bi Fold door?

Bi-Fold doors continue to gain popularity every day. They come in handy for doorways with limited spaces. But how to install a Bi Fold door remains one of the most popular questions on the lips of most technicians and DIY enthusiasts. We present you with an easy guide for installing bi-folding closet doors in your home or any other premise.

The following steps are essential if you are wondering how to install Bi-Fold doors.

Step #1: Remove the Old Closet Doors

If you intend to replace your old closet door with a new one, the first thing you should consider doing is to remove the old system. Notably, this will include removing the old door and the related hardware. You can then repair the door opening for a clean fit by filling screw holes and fixing the paint. You can ignore this step entirely if you are working on a new closet door.

Step #2: Measure the Closet Opening

Among the critical steps in the Bi Fold closet door includes taking your measurements accurately. Taking accurate measurements of the opening is crucial when ordering the Bi Folding door from your ideal manufacturer of doors in US. You will only achieve a good fit if you order the correct size. Besides, ordering the right size also saves you from too much work.

Step 3: Install the New Hardware

Installing Bi Folding closet doors also involves putting in new hardware. The Bi Folding closet doors installation includes track and brackets. Begin by cutting the track to leave a 1/16-inch allowance on each end. You can then install the track by centering it at the top of the header.

Please ensure that the Pivot bracket is adjacent to the jamb. You can then correctly center the jamb brackets on the closet floor and drill pilot holes. Once done, fasten the brackets using screws.

Step 4: Install the Doors

You can install the new Bi Folding door system by lightly tapping the pivots at the bottom and top with a hammer. Seat the bottom pivots accurately and insert the top pivots into your brackets. The same trick also comes in handy when installing 8-foot interior doors.

Step 5: Make Adjustments Accordingly

Indeed, the tips on how to install a single Bi Fold door are the same as those on how to install double Bi Fold doors. But after installation, adjustments are necessary. Check the height and ensure that your new door is neither in contact with the header nor rubbing onto the closet floor. If you need to change the size, rotate the bottom pivot with the door slightly lifted.

What tools do you need for the installation of the Bi Folding door?

Ensure that you equip yourself with the following tools:

  • Drill and driver
  • Combination square
  • Hacksaw
  • Centering bit
  • Handsaw
  • Plumb bob


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