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Types of glass for interior doors

Types of glass for interior doors

We take pride in our 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of several types of glass interior door. The range of doors within our product portfolio are designed to be strong and yet stylish. Our high-quality products come with Italian-made accessories for customers who want a classy handcraft.

Even though glass symbolizes sophistication, it can also shatter when hit. So, when it comes to interiors, the kind must be hard enough to resist being hit by a cricket ball.

With current technology, it is possible to be safe. We manufacture high-quality doors with energy-efficient and aesthetic materials to give your home a contemporary cozy feel that is irresistible.

As a homeowner, the million-dollar question you might be asking is what type of glass for interior doors? Worry less because we have all the information you have been looking for in this article.

What are the various types of glass for interior doors?

While you have been agonizing over the best type, we are the doors manufacturer that have spent 25 years looking for relevant expertise. When searching for high quality entrances to prevent burglary,  you also need to consider privacy, lighting, safety, strength, aesthetic feel, and energy efficiency.

There are different types of glass for doors that fit different purposes, tastes, and environments. Surprisingly, markets offer varied materials such that customers are confused about types that will deliver the return on investment.

This article investigates and makes you better understand the 6 different shades used in interior doors.


This sand-blasted or acid-etched glass is carefully made to give a frosted theme and a soft or rough touch intricate in design details. We give you a royal feeling and privacy since frosted glass for internal doors prevents visibility from outside.

You can go for an acid-etched internal type if you are on a budget and want a long-lasting smoothness that does not retain fingerprints or dirt. Selecting a United Porte sand-blasted frosted model will give you a rough touch and overly translucent opacity if you want to be private.


Made with two pieces of annealed glass, this magnificent internal door is 5 times more durable. It is considered safety-guaranteed because it is also resistant to a strong hit. In fact, with a polyvinyl layer between the two glasses, this kind does not break, but splinters leave a beautiful spider-web finish. But it comes at a high price.


This sort is 4 times stronger than your ordinary glass, has diverse shades of thickness, and is highly resistant to scratches. It is akin to bulletproof tenacity and excellent in your property’s interior door demands.


To spice it up for your glass doors types concerns, insulated types are made of two glass pieces with trapped air for insulation purposes to spice it up for your glass door types concerns. This type is perfect for internal thermal regulation but irreparable and highly costly.


This heat-treated kind breaks easily, but the key takeaway here is that, unlike other types, an annealed glass can be cut and used in repairing your United Porte interiors.

What is the best type of glass for interior

Since you are now conversant with types of glass for interior doors, it is key that you understand the best type. Comparisons explored in this article enrich you with the updated knowledge you should purchase different United Porte internal doors.

Wondering how you can select the supreme choice for interior glass? Take it easy because our exterior entrances are designed from a selection of high-quality wood to guarantee safety, durability, functionality and achieve a modern finish for your home.

Key takeaway

If you are looking for beautiful glass entrance doors for your home, look no further because we have mastered the art of creating durable, stylish, and affordable designs to guarantee the safety of your home's valuables.

At United Porte, our technicians have enough experience to advise, install, and repair all types of internal glass doors. From the 8 foot interior doors to the Italian or French glazing type in interior doors. Contact us now for quick delivery and affordable rates.


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