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Measurement Services

Professional Door Measurement by United Porte – Precision and Reliability for Your Home!

The first step to a perfect door installation is accurate measurements.

Even minor errors in dimensions can lead to structural deformation during installation, additional costs, and aesthetic disappointment. That’s why it’s crucial to entrust this process to professionals!

Our specialists don’t just measure the dimensions of the door block; they take into account all the installation details for each specific case, ensuring a flawless result.

Why is it important to order a professional measurement?

In real life, there are no perfectly straight walls or doorways, whether in old houses or new buildings. Achieving perfection is hindered by the imperfections of building materials and human error. Our experts take measurements, considering the architectural features of the object: differences in wall thickness and curvature, doorway geometry, and more.

What does our door measurer do?

A professional measurer performs the measurement as follows:

  1. Determines the number of door blocks that need to be installed.
  2. Carefully measures each doorway.
  3. Notes on the plan the direction in which the door will open.
  4. Calculates the number of additional elements necessary for the correct installation of the door if the wall depth exceeds the door frame depth.
  5. Checks the wall material and, if necessary, provides recommendations for reinforcing the opening to avoid the risk of structural collapse.

A thorough doorway measurement includes:

  • Width: The distance is measured at three points (bottom, middle, and top) to ensure the door fits perfectly.
  • Height: Measured at the sides and in the center to avoid the door dragging on the floor.
  • Depth: The number of supplementary elements is determined to ensure the frame fully covers the opening.
  • Doorway Geometry: The specialist uses plumb lines and levels to check the opening for deviations and makes adjustments if necessary.

How to avoid errors in door measurements?

To avoid errors, simply choose a door from our catalog and request a measurement. United Porte manufactures doors independently and knows all the details of their installation.

Advantages of ordering a measurement from us:

Accuracy and confidence: A professional measurer is responsible for the accuracy of the measurements. In case of any errors, the company covers the costs, not the client.

Cost savings: Accurate measurements prevent additional expenses on modifying the opening or buying new doors.

Flawless result: We guarantee that the door will fit the opening and integrate seamlessly with the interior.

Why should you order installation from United Porte?

Perfect compatibility: We know all the parameters of your door and ensure its flawless installation.

Professionalism and quality: Our craftsmen have extensive experience and use the best materials and tools.

Installation guarantee: We stand by our work and ensure the long-term durability of your door.

Order professional door installation from us and enjoy the reliability and beauty of your interior!

Regardless of the complexity of the task, our specialists guarantee high-quality and professional execution of work, ensuring precise measurements and results that meet your expectations.

To partake in this journey of precision:

In the realm of interiors, every inch counts. Let the tape of precision, guided by United Porte, craft spaces that echo your dreams.

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