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Solid wood barn doors

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Barn doors can be made of different materials, and the cost of the door varies depending on the design and type of material used. Solid wood barn doors are of higher quality and thus relatively expensive compared to other materials. Since vertical solid wood barn door are designed for offices and other facilities such as hospitals, solid wood makes a perfect choice. It speaks volumes of your brand, is durable, and you won’t need to provide frequent maintenance or replacement.

solid wood barn doors

Why solid wood is so popular as a material for barn interior doors

  • Solid barn doors enhance the appearance of your facility as it is associated with quality and class.  Unlike other hollow materials, a solid wood interior barn door does not require frequent maintenance, and when they do, servicing them is much easier.
  • Solid wood barn doors are more challenging to break in, making them ideal for spaces such as offices that require high levels of security.
  • Solid wood is also preferred for its long-lasting excellent appearance as it hardly wears out.
  • The material is also resistant to dents and chipping, which can demean the image of your institution. Such often occur when moving furniture and other equipment in and out.
  • Solid wood offers privacy as they seal in sound. It is, therefore, a perfect choice for barn doors for places that require privacy, such as offices, conference rooms, and hospital consultation rooms.
  • In case of a fire outbreak, solid wood takes longer to catch fire. When used for barn doors, it prevents fires from spreading, thus containing the damage.

Why should you order solid wood barn doors in United Porte?

United Porte offers customized solid wood barn doors to match your interior design and branding. We also offer a wide range of solid wood barn door designs for our customers to choose from. You can order the design of your choice and have it ready on time. Our solid wood barn doors are the best quality wood to provide security and elegance.

United Porte is a trusted manufacturer of doors of different types, including interior vertical solid wood barn doors, barn doors for interiors, and interior closet doors, and our quality is always guaranteed.  We offer the best prices for the highest quality barn doors across the United States. Once you buy our products, you can trust us to deliver within a week.

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