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Are glass front doors safe?

Are glass front doors safe?

This article helps you discover that your entrances are comparatively safer despite all the security of front doors with glass concerns that have been flying around. United Porte front products give your home a fashionable appearance and already tell your visitors that you are suave and welcoming.

Your entrance makes the first impression and will leave a solid statement on all your visitors. Therefore, the home exterior must be finished with the various front designs that we offer. We have sorted you with the different types of glass for exterior doors and will never worry about safety, showing off your elegance to the world.

It goes without saying that glass in front door will give your exterior an irresistible charm, but you have been asking yourself if durability and security are things you should also worry about?

We’ve successfully completed numerous exterior installations across the majority of the states in the US. Without a doubt, customers have returned for more business due to the security, privacy, durability, and aesthetic appeals of our products.

Whether you want to purchase a glazed, insulated, annealed, or customized laminated door that is bulletproof, this article drives you in the precise direction. So, buckle your seatbelt as we dive into this article for more titbits.

Pros and cons of using glass exterior doors

We have already established that glass is safe and provides privacy. However, we also need to look at the pros and cons of glass entrance door to gain a comprehensive insight.

After reading this blog, you will obviously want to decorate your home exterior with United Porte strong yet urbane selections.

Pros of using glass exterior doors

  • Experience breath-taking views- Your normal doors prevent you from viewing that mountain, lake, river, or beautiful neighborhood that surrounds your home. This is why most homeowners are willing to pay top dollar to suffice the views. 
  •  Adds more natural light- Homes with attractive fronts have unlimited access to natural sunlight. The juicy part here is that you will save on electricity bills.
  •  Boosts your home’s aesthetic appearance- Glass doors sprinkle a touch of beauty to the property’s exterior. Wooden or metallic ones do not reveal this aesthetic value. You can opt to use our customizable entry doors to fit with your home or office exterior.

Cons of using glass exterior doors

  • Lack of privacy- While a glass choice provides spectacular views, they score relatively low in privacy. However, we advise you to select the frosted types from our wide catalog.
  • Less secure- In this era where consumers demand unique fronts, safety of glass exterior doors has also been tested. 

Types of glass for entry doors

Are glass doors safe, or does it really depend on the type to use at the entrance? This is one of the most prominent questions when it comes to exterior home decoration. 

We have sampled the best different kinds to use in exterior decor below:   

  • Frosted – Made of sand-blasted or acid-etched materials, this translucent frosted glass for your exterior door adds more privacy, natural light, and great attraction at home.
  • Laminated- Durable 1/4" thick type consisting of two glass parts reinforced with plastic in the middle. Security of glass entry door is guaranteed here.
  • Insulated- If you are in extremely cold or hot conditions, you will have to buy front doors with insulated materials. This type comes in two glass layers with a vacuumed space in between for maximum insulation. It protects against UV radiation and also blocks noise.
  • Tempered- This is one of the best when it comes to durability and sturdiness. Tempered glass is 4 times stronger than normal glass types. They are highly heat and scratch-resistant and thus are a perfect match for exterior finishes.


You have now confirmed that the safety of glass front doors is guaranteed when dealing with United Porte. Please also check out our range of doors hardware to complement your accessories requirements. We are always here to help you, so contact us for all preferences and needs.

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