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Exterior doors not only give visitors a first impression of your house, but they also act as your house’s first line of defense against weather and intruders. Additionally, your choice of entry doors will determine your house’s energy efficiency. For these reasons, the doors you choose to connect your indoors to your outdoors are important, and to help you decide, United Porte has put together a guide to help you choose the types of exterior doors you should consider for your house.

Types of Exterior Doors

  • Entry doors

    Your front entry door gives the first glimpse of your house’s aesthetic character depending on your selected door material and style. You have the option to go with wood, metal, glass, or a combination of two materials. Glass paneled exterior doors are expensive and will need enhancements to beef up security and efficiency, while metal exterior doors are relatively safer from intrusion.

  • Patio doors

    These connect your indoors to the backyard of your house. Expansive glass panels on sliding steel doors for homes allow you to enjoy the scenery of your backyard. Alternatively, French doors can also expand the volume of your lounge, while custom entry doors can give you the freedom to achieve the door of your dreams. However, the more exterior views the rear entry doors let in, the more susceptible they are to burglars and ingress or egress of heat.

  • Storm doors

    Storm doors are a wonderful addition if you are looking to keep the weather elements, bugs, and thieves out of your house. These are doors fitted over existing entry way doors mainly to protect the doors from weather damage. Screens on the storm doors can also allow the summer breeze to pass through while keeping the bugs at bay. Reinforced glass inserts allow you to enjoy the beautiful exterior views while adding a security layer to your doorways, and keeping your house insulated.

Materials for Entry Doors

  • Steel

    A steel entry door is a necessity where maximum security against thieves and bad weather, and energy efficiency are required. Their strength makes them harder to penetrate while their tighter-fitting frames and foam core insulation make them energy efficient.

  • Steel with wood

    When coupled with wood frames, the energy efficiency of steel doors for homes can be improved, while reducing the weight and cost of the door. The wood also adds character to the design of the house.

  • Steel with glass

    A combination of steel and glass makes for a classy statement to your architectural design while allowing you to have a view of the exterior environment from inside the house. However, this comes at a compromise of cost, security, and energy efficiency. The low security and efficiency can be remedied by enhancements such as adding a security film or triple glazing, but this only elevates the already expensive price.

Why Should You Order Custom Entrance Doors in United Porte?

  • We offer a wide selection of styles, sizes, and finishes on secure and high-quality white front doors to protect your family while giving your house unmatched aesthetics at affordable prices.

  • Our free samples are available to help you get a feel of our authenticity before you make a buying decision.

  • United Porte places you, the customer at the center of our business processes, so you are bound to receive the best care throughout the process.



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