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Barn doors trends in 2022

Barn doors trends in 2022

Today's homeowners aren't just looking for stylish doors. Instead, they are interested in barn interior doors that resonate with their home needs. Homeowners want barn doors that match with their interior design or barn doors that come with a particular fancy style.

However, one question that remains is—are barn doors out of style

Truth is they are not. Nowadays you can find barn doors in your favorite design and color, and if you want to try other materials other than wood then glass and metal decor styles are available. As farmhouse styles continue to evolve, barn doors have not been left behind.

This detailed  look into the top trends of barn doors will help you answer this major question and find one that perfectly suits your home.

1. Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors are arguably the typical barn door trend you’ll find in many minimalist house designs. They are practical, magical in their style, and an ideal option if you are interested in turning your small room into a larger space.

Their overall design allows more light into your house. As a result, you enjoy an added benefit of brightness with an illusion of space. When used in a modern home, they’ll amplify the tight spaces and bring a touch of style.

2. White-Finished Doors

The white-finished door design is a neutral approach towards what you want to achieve with your interior design. The colour highlights softness and cleanliness—two crucial elements that breathe life into any interior design idea.

If you want to break away from the usual colours, a white finished door will be a welcome style to explore. It’s a common colour on unique and trendy barn doors in house, especially if you have white walls on the inside.

Barn interior door

3. Corner Doors

This is a new style commonly preferred when joining spaces in entryways or home offices. It perfectly suits a sliding barn door trend where each corner slides on a separate track. This design also incorporates stops which you can use to halt the door exactly where you need it.  

4. Plank Doors

You can also choose your interior barn doors trend to be from simple planks.  The planks can be anything, including boards mounted inside a lock rail frame. Depending on the style you want, you can either go for boards that run horizontally to create a smaller profile or vertically to bring some height to the room.

5. Metal Doors

Metal barn doors are practical and more traditional. Their versatility means they can fit in different house styles ranging from modern to minimalist. They also have a sleek design that brings the best out of any interior design style. For instance, if you’re interested in a more lavish and durable style, you’ll have many different choices to select. 

6. Glass Doors

For their looks and functionality alone, the glass concept indeed reveals why the barn door style is here to stay. This design not only adds beauty to the room but it's also suitable for minimalist idea designs. 

Glass also brings out the best on the sliding barn door trend by closing off a space while adding interest to the room. With this trend, you have choices that range from half-lite glass to full lite glass. If you want more detail, then a textured glass option will do the magic. 

Glass door

Weathered Doors

Weathered doors are a hot design due to how they add character to a home. The rustic look brings that old fashioned charm you won't find easily with any design. However, experts recommend using material that has undergone a thorough finish. This way, you can stay rest assured of its durability and longevity.

Barn door styles are here to stay. All you should do is find the proper hardware that’ll bring out the best design for your interior space.


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