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How to choose the right door hardware for your home?

How to choose the right door hardware for your home?

Door hardware is an integral part of your home's decor and needs to be carefully selected. Furthermore, like many home improvement projects, choosing door hardware will have a better result if carefully executed.

However, with the multiple kinds of door knob available, learning how to choose door hardware can be pretty hectic. In most cases, you need to understand all the different terms associated with your interior design needs.

Here is what you need to know when selecting your door hardware.

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Types of Door Knobs

Interior prehung doors are one of the many door types that does not call for traditional levers and knobs. Each door has unique set of needs and you’ll have to select door hardware that realigns with these needs.

The same applies to sliding doors whose hardware needs to be flush with the door to avoid blocking the door from opening properly.

Despite the numerous types of interior door handles, picking the right one can be challenging. To make your search straightforward,  we share with you the different kinds of door knob. They include:

  • Passage Door Knobs

The passage door knob doesn’t contain a lock. It’s only designed to facilitate passage from one area of the house to another. These locksets are ideal for interior doors, such as closet doors.

  • Privacy Door Knobs

As the name suggests, privacy door knobs are lockable by a button. The doorknob is primarily used for rooms that need more privacy, such as bedrooms. Their lock buttons are often on the inside. Its outside only has a small hole in the knob for an emergency key, if necessary.

  • Keyed Entry Door Knobs

This doorknob is perfect for entry doors such as those found on closets or the standard French doors. They are lockable on both sides and can be used with interior or exterior applications. 

You can lock or unlock this door knob using a key on the outside. The inside is only lockable and unlockable with a turn button or a key. 

  • Non Functional Door Knobs

Non-functional doorknobs are perfect for bifold doors. They have a handle on each side, although they don't initiate any form of locking. You can use them on closet doors as they function as cabinet pulls.

Door knob Connection

Apart from the style of doorknobs, the type connection is also as important.

There are two ways to connect a doorknob;

  • Screw Connection

This is common in the older-style door hardware. Here, the doorknob is attached using an exposed setscrew to a square threaded support. The support will rotate when turned to initiate a latch mechanism. However, you’ll have to deal with the doorknob spinning in your hand.

  • No Screw Door Knob Connection

This is the modern way of attaching a doorknob to its support. The connection uses no screw at all, but rather a concealed device.  You can easily remove this connection using a flat-blade screwdriver.

Types of lockset

Locksets are a key consideration when choosing the ideal type of door handles. The most common lockset designed for household use include;

  • Lever Handle Locks

These are easier to open than the knob locks.  You're only required to apply pressure to the handle to force the lock.

  • Knob Locks

They are the most common in residential settings. Their lock cylinders are the knob and not the door. So, consider using them alongside deadbolts on all your exterior doors.


Choosing the right door hardware is just one way of ensuring your interior décor is up to date. Consider the above advice to ensure you select your ideal door knob or handle. Also, make sure the hardware coordinates with your interiors.


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