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Best material for front doors

Best material for front doors

A front door contributes to the overall appearance of your home as it gives the first impression of your home. As you choose your front door material, you have to consider particular factors such as the appearance you desire, how safe you feel inside, and your budget. There are various doors, each made of one or more products. You can use different materials for your exterior doors, each with pros and cons. The choice depends on your budget, taste, and relative advantages, as we will analyze in this article.


Most people find wooden doors to be more desirable. It is the best material for front doors due to its appeal and ease of customization. Wooden doors also offer other advantages as they don’t get dents and are easily repairable whenever they get scratches. There are different options for wooden doors, such as solid wood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Solid wood has been cut from trees and does not have hollow spaces within the material, while MDF is engineered wood made of a combination of materials.

Advantages of solid wood as a front door material


  • This material is appropriate for exterior doors as it is durable and tough enough for the harsh weather to which it is exposed.
  • Solid wood is more resistant to stress making it more difficult for burglars to break into your house.
  • Unlike other engineered woods, solid wood does not warp.
  • These doors are also easy to fix whenever broken.
  • Solid wood is exquisite as it has a good and natural appeal, which can add to the overall design.
  • Solid wood is more valuable and thus will increase the value of your home.
  • Since it is a poor conductor of heat, solid wood offers your indoors insulation during extreme weather. It seals in warmth during winter and keeps the indoors cooler during summer.

Advantages of MDF exterior door materials


  • MDF is cheaper than solid wood, and if you are working with a low budget, it might be an excellent option.
  • The material is easy to design, and you will have a wide range of design options to choose from. In most cases, it is designed to resemble solid wood that you can hardly tell the difference from a distance.
  • It has a good appeal as it is smooth and has no knots found in solid wood.
  • The treatment of MDF during processing makes it undesirable to termites.
  • MDF doors are made from recycled wood, which is eco-friendly.



What is the best material for a front door? Most people love steel front doors as they give them prolonged service. Keeping in mind that homeowners look for security instead of appealing in their front door, a strong front door offers you peace of mind and a strong sense of security for you and your family. As we are about to discover, there are many reasons why many homeowners prefer to install such a strong door.

Advantages of steel front doors

  • These doors are secure and more difficult to break into compared to other entry door materials.
  • They are durable as they don’t warp or rot.
  • They are relatively affordable.
  • Steel doors are designed with insulating material that makes them soundproof.


These doors are commonly used for exterior doors due to their unique advantages over MDF, steel, glass, and wooden. They are intentionally manufactured from a combination of products that make them appear as wood but with unique advantages over wooden doors. The structure is made of a frame, core, and frame. In most cases, the frame is wooden, while the core is soundproofed using polyurethane, while the outer part is made of high-impact compressed molded fiberglass.


  • They are relatively strong material for a front door
  • The material is easy to clean and maintain
  • When used for front doors, fiberglass offers more resistance to harsh weather and is waterproof, making them last longer.
  • They are appealing and come in a wide range of designs
  • These doors are also insulated against sound



Glass is a component of a big percentage of interior and exterior doors. While white and black front doors made of glass initially posed a risk to the security of your house, current trends have made it an instrument of security. There are different types and designs of entry doors with glass to pick from to complement your interior and exterior outlook.


  • They are appealing and easy to clean
  • Glass is among the cheapest material for front doors
  • The material is durable and they do not corrode, rust, or warp
  • When installed as a storm door, these front doors offer protection against harsh weather
  • Exterior glass doors allow in light from outdoors, significant saving on energy and electricity bills.


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