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How to choose the right doors for a small space?

How to choose the right doors for a small space?

Living in a small-sized place mandates making the perfect door choice. The wrong door might disturb the flow of movement in the room and make the space appear smaller. This makes the room seem messy and cluttered. A door highlights the room decor. You want to avoid arranging the finishings based on the type of door. 

Best door solution for small spaces: 


  • Interior barn door
  • Bifold door 
  • Sliding door
  • pocket door
  • Mirrored door


Interior Barn Door

Fitting a barn door for a small space gives an ingenious rustic look that adds a traditional touch to the room. A barn door is arguably the simplest door to install in that you only need a bar above and below the door to hold the door in position as it slides against the frame. The board glides along the bar as you open and close. Modern and vintage barn doors are now being designed to blend in rooms that require either a classic or contemporary finish. Interior barn doors are undoubtedly creative doors for small spaces and can be used in almost every room in the house.  

BiFold doors

Bi-fold doors are sophisticated yet elegant folding doors for small spaces. Experts estimate that bi-folding doors can add around 5-10% to the resale value of a property. These easy-to-install doors require less than 4 hours to mount. They consist of retracting panels that are ideal for use in tight corners such as storage pantries and bedroom closets. The panels operate on a concertina principle and are made up of boards that are jointly pivoted and glide along a jamb track on the floor and the upper beam of a door frame. The panels slide and buckle concurrently as you open the door and fold away unobtrusively without constraining the size of the door frame. 


Sliding door

In a tiny apartment space, the last thing you want is a door constantly ramming into the furniture. An excellent door preserves the use of every inch of the wall area around them. The sliding closet doors are more practical as they slide along the wall bracket and stay compacted against the wall when the door is open. The sliding doors are ideally used as closet doors for small spaces or as bathroom doors since they don't usually make use of padlocks.


Pocket door

This is another brilliant idea for door options for small spaces in that they do not involve pulling or pushing the board outside the frame. The pocket door is ideal in that it is fitted directly into the frame of the wall and it disappears when the door is opened. This gives the room a simple look. Pocket door frames are more complex in that you need to create a compartment inside your wall so your door may slide into it, therefore, you require professionals to fit the door in place.

Mirrored door

The mirrored door is ideal in that it gives off the illusion that a small area is bigger and wider because the mirrors illustrate the room on themselves to make it look far more spacious. The glass panels are mounted on boards or fitted into the door. This type of door is a more favorable option for closet doors for small spaces or in rooms that provide poor lighting in that the mirrors spread the light around the room making the room look more radiant.

The perfect door for your home

Living areas are not always required to utilize an open plan model. Demarcating spaces using the correct door makes a noticeable improvement. For limited spaces, a door with a minimum doorway swing would be the best option to preserve the normal flow of motion. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, yet affordable manufacturer of doors for small spaces, United Porte is up for the challenge. Our team is ready to assist in providing ideas for doors in small spaces and adding an interior decorator's touch to your home!

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