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What type of door should you choose for the living room?

What type of door should you choose for the living room?

If you still have an ounce of respect left for your sacred living room, then you understand the importance of high-quality doors for living rooms. You'll want to make sure that you choose a type of door that complements your style and your décor. 

Whatever type of style you choose for the living room your options will always come down to what kind of decorating style you'd like to maintain in your home. You'll also need to determine how much space will be available for installing your doors into the wall.

Here's a list of kitchen, patio, bedroom, barn, and living room doors ideas that will give your space a complete makeover:

1. Wood doors

Wooden living room doors are a perfect choice for living room spaces. Their color matches most decors and they have a natural, warm look. The availability of the materials makes them even more popular. Furthermore, wood doors require minimal maintenance practices than other doors.

Some examples of wooden family room doors include paneled doors, barn doors, battened, and ledged doors.

2. Sliding doors

Sliding door ideas for living room will give your home a minimalistic and sleek appearance. They are perfect for exit ways that lead to a larger opening like balconies, or a back patio. They also provide entrance spaces with plenty of space for light and ventilation. 

Some examples of doors that open by sliding include accordion doors and pocket doors. Bi-fold doors are quite similar to sliding doors. Both blend better in bigger spaces than in smaller ones.

If you plan on installing interior doors, then it’s important to take into account the size of the opening in your wall. This will help ensure that your new sliding doors are installed properly and that they operate as intended for as long as possible.

3. French doors

French doors are a type of door that opens both horizontally and vertically. They are made from glass and wood on the edges, and they open to give your living space an exquisite, or classy look. French doors come in different colors - from white French doors to black ones - that can match any room or décor. 

4. Fiberglass doors

A fiberglass door is a more durable alternative because it can withstand a variety of weather conditions. It's also less likely to get dirty and easy to clean. Fiberglass doors are great for high-traffic areas such as the living room, where they will provide warmth in cold times or exterior spaces that need protection from dust, snow, or severe weather conditions. 

5. Glass doors

With this type you will have more access to natural light and views. These doors also give a luxurious and bright appearance without the loads of artificial lighting that can be common in other types of doorways. 

Apart from being the most expensive, and hard to maintain, glass door designs for living room give a great final look. They are best suited for lounge doors and doors leading from corridors or other rooms in the house to living rooms and backyard areas.

6. Glazed doors

Glazed doors offer both a modern and ancient look. The door is made of glass, bordered with other materials. When bordered with wood material, it gives a hybrid look that blends in a variety of spaces.

Last but not least, we have barn doors. These doors are constructed from wood, aluminum, or steel. They are perfect for homes that have a country-style décor.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a door for your living room, you also want to take into account how much traffic it will get. It’s also important that you choose a door that matches the rest of your home’s decor and design style. Check out the United Porte collection of furniture and interior doors for your next project.

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