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TOP 5 doors hanging and installation mistakes

TOP 5 doors hanging and installation mistakes

Main entrances play a crucial role in complementing the elegance and style of our homes. Investing in a modern door boosts your house’s interior and exterior décor and calls for proper installation. Bad door installation lowers the classy look of your home and may lead to incurring uncalled-for expenses.

United Porte designs and installs a variety of unique and stylish 8 foot interior doors. To ensure that your entrance remains trendy and exquisite for long enough, you should avoid the following doors installation mistakes. 

Fixing Your Screws Too Tightly or loosely

Screws help fix the entryway with its frame. When fastening the screws, you should avoid over-tightening them.  Screwing them tightly creates strain on the wooden part which may cause it to bend or crack.

Fastening screws too tightly makes them bend and snap their heads, rendering them ineffective. 


If you tighten your screws too loosely, the entrance will be unbalanced and yield to door installation problems. To fix this error, fasten your screws moderately to hold the gateway in position.

Fixing Hinges With small Hinge Screws

Screws come in different sizes for various hinge types. You should purchase screws that match the size of your gate hinges so that they fit naturally without exerting too much pressure on them. Forcing the wrong size of screws to the hinges will interfere with the hinges and result in hanging door problems such as slamming.

Lack of Adequate Installation Skills

Installation and hanging of entrances are part of the construction process of your house. You should seek the services of an expert instead of installing the entryway yourself unless you possess the required skill. Engaging an expert to erect and fix your new entrance will shield you from unnecessary future expenses resulting from prehung door installation problems caused by: 

  • Poor selection of tools and fasteners
  • Incorrect fixing of hinges
  • Breakage and bending of metallic and wooden bars weaken the gateway
  • Leakage that may result from slanting doors
  • Slamming back of the entrance after opening
  • Fogging on the gate panes causing a musty smell

Hanging the Door Parallel to a Mistake Wall

When erecting a gateway, you should ensure it is perpendicular to the floor. If the wall holding the entrance is bending, you should avoid adjusting the entrance to align with the wall. When you force the entrance to align with the wall, the following entry way door installation problems may occur:

  • Difficult shutting and locking the gateway
  • Use of too much force to open the entryway
  • Weakening of the gate hinges and screws may result to collapse of the gate
  • The unpleasant sound caused by friction between the entrance and the entrance frame
  • Leakage through the unsealed space between the entryway and the wall
  • Uncontrolled draught on a windy day that may cause breakage of items in the house

To avoid the above problems, plumbers should ensure walls are upright. If the wall is not upright, avoid aligning the main entrance with it.

Incorrect Placement of Shims

Shims compliment doors, but they weaken the entryway and make it lose its elegance when placed improperly. Avoid these long-term problems by seeking the services of an expert to install your gateway.


For you to enjoy ultimate comfort and elegance in your contemporary home, invest in skilled labor and expert advice right from the foundation to door and window installation. Doing so will save you from future expenses that arise from hanging interior doors troubleshooting, and other mistakes.

At United Porte, we offer you expert installation services for your gateway and windows. We also design a variety of interior and exterior entrances to suit your needs at an affordable cost. Order a modern door from our company and get expert advice for free.

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