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Guide for replacement of entry door

Guide for replacement of entry door

Wondering how to replace an exterior door? Is one of your exterior doors broken or do you want to replace the house door with a better-looking one? Installing a new front door is best done by a professional, but if you have the time and the right tools, doing it yourself is not a difficult task. Here is a guide to help you through the process.

Steps for Replacing the Entry Door

Wondering how to replace a exterior door? Follow the following easy steps for the perfect installation of a new exterior door.

Order a replacement door

Before replacing a front door, you need to order the correct new door. You need to measure the height and width of the old door and the door frame, and the width of the door jamb. Take these dimensions to United Porte where you can order new entry way doors. If you prefer to let light through your doors and have a view of the outside from within the house, consider entry doors with glass when replacing an exterior door.

Inswing of interior door


Removing the old door

Now that you have a replacement of the front entry doors, it is time to remove the old door. Begin by removing the storm door and doorbell, then proceed to use a screwdriver and hammer to unhinge the old door. With the hinge pins removed, pull the door from the frame and set it aside.


Removing the frame

  • Unscrew the latch plates from the old door frame.
  • Break the seal between the wall and molding by scoring the caulk after which you can pry away the door frame.

Installing the new door

  • Using a level, check that the subfloor is level and that the sides of the door opening are plum.
  • Use a square to ensure that the corners are also lining up.
  • If the subfloor, sides, and corners of the door opening are not lining up, now is the time to add shims to optimize the door opening.
  • To install a seal pan, first dry-fit the seal pan into place and add sealant to its joints. Remove the pan and caulk the seal on the door opening, then replace the seal pan and fit it into place.
  • On the new door, drill a hole for the doorbell wire and apply a sealant to the brick mold around the door and fit it into the door opening. Do not forget to fit the doorbell wires through the hole.
  • To keep the prehung door straight and square to the door frame, shim around the hinges and the top, middle, and bottom of the latch side of the door, driving screws to keep the shims tight in place.
  • With your new door in place, now it is time to install a lockset on the door and add blanket insulation around the frame to keep the weather out.
  • Install an interior trim and seal the interior and exterior joints to complete the new door installation.
Interior Door


What Tools Do You Need for Exterior Door Replacement?

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Utility knife
  • Level
  • Drill bits
  • Caulk gun
  • Screwdriver


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