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How to install French interior doors?

How to install French interior doors?

If you are searching for an ideal way to improve your home’s aesthetic design, allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into your home better, and make your living area appear more spacious than it already is, installing a french door is something that should cross your mind.

French door for interiors is visually appealing and also serves as a functional piece. It creates an inviting feel into your living space and makes different rooms more accessible. It is also excellent at conserving energy and is perfect for long-term use. Besides, it significantly boosts your home’s value, which is one of the reasons why many homebuyers will have a special liking for houses that have this type of entry.

With such perks, the installation of french doors becomes a no-brainer. But, how exactly do you go about mounting it?

Easy steps for installation of French doors

These types of entries are easy to mount; one of the reasons why many people building their new homes or undertaking a home remodelling, are picking them. They can either be prehung or mounted on pre-existing frames. You can seek the services of french doors install gurus to guide you into mounting this door type. However, if you have the skills, this can easily be a DIY task.

If you are curious to grasp how to install french doors, here are the essential guidelines you should adhere to.

  • Figure out where you are going to mount it and prepare the area. Then, measure it to confirm that it will fit.
  • Prior to placing it into the prepped area, erect the frame. Also, attach all the doors hardware that came with the door kit, including the hinges.
  • Shim the jamb to ensure the door is aligned.
  • Mount the door. However, you must first confirm it is well placed. It is only then that you can secure the hinges and ensure that the door functions as needed without difficulties.
  • Attach any other needed hardware, trim off excess shim, and apply trim.

Voila! Your entryway is ready for use.

French Interior Door


Tools you need to hang prehung French door

If you are interested in how to install an interior french door, you must have all the needed tools of trade.

The apparatus you need to erect this type of  hanging door successfully includes:

  • Pre-made french door from your preferred manufacturer
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Wood studs
  • Extra wood to use as shim
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Saw


As you may have realized, mounting this type of door is pretty straightforward and does not take up too much time. However, to ensure they serve you longer and retain their elegance, you need to pick one made from materials of the highest quality.

Door manufacturer United Porte is a company that specializes in creating bespoke doors for your home. They boast a variety of door designs to complement the style, structural design, and home interior. As a plus, these door manufacturing experts create their products from quality materials that sell at pocket-friendly prices.

If you need bespoke doors to elevate your home’s living experience, look no further than United Porte.

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