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How to measure the door size: easy tips

How to measure the door size: easy tips

Are you manifesting your dream home in a few years to come? Or, are you planning to upgrade your current home? Either way, you’ll need to observe certain standards, such as door standards. Obliging to the right size of interior doors means the occupants will have an easier and more practical exit/entrance. It’s not about downplaying your architectural design or aesthetic preferences.

Moreover, you can adjust the standard limits as you deem fit, provided you observe the minimum requirements. Typical interior doors usually bear the same standards for panel thickness. This includes 5x6x75 inches. In most cases, the standard width of interior doors is about 32 inches or 812 mm.

However, custom double doors may come in varying dimensions, depending on your aesthetic needs and interior design. That said, how do you measure the size of a door? Can you do it in a simple DIY procedure? Read on for a step-by-step guide.

First Step: Internal Width

What do you need to measure the size of door width? Accurate width will ensure everyone has swift access while also complying to industry standards. It will help if you start by taking three measurements within the frame. This will help you estimate accurate dimensions for a custom order.

 Follow this procedure to get started:

  • Unfold the tape measure and stretch it against the door frame’s top
  • Repeat the same procedure in the fame’s middle and bottom
  • Record your values

The greatest value represents the actual estimate of the door’s width

Second Step: Door Height

For some people, it can be pretty challenging to measure the height of a door compared to its width. But again, you have to get the right value and send it to your doors manufacturer if you’re placing a custom order. So, if you’re short, get something to support your height. A stool or a chair will help you get the job done.

Again, get your measuring tool and follow this procedure:

  • Stretch your tape measure from one top corner to the bottom
  • Repeat the same on the opposite side
  • Record and contrast the values
  • The biggest value represents the actual length estimate of your door

Third Step: Internal Door Thickness

Knowing how to measure interior door size in terms of thickness is important, especially if you’re doing replacements. Since you’re likely going to maintain the same frames, it’s imperative that you get this measurement accurately. So how do you do it? Follow this one-time procedure:

  • Extend the tape measure and run it on the door’s edges
  • Record the reading
  • Take measurements around the rebate (a rebate refers to the space the door fits when you close it)
  • Record the rebate's dimension too
  • Typically, both readings should be a near match with the industry's values we highlighted earlier

Estimate Accurate Door Dimensions and Save Time & Money

Leverage this guide to get an accurate estimate of your interior door. Getting this process right will help you save time and money on last-minute readjustments. Alternatively, you can get a professional who knows how to measure what size interior door you need, especially if you don’t trust your DIY skills. The goal is to get accurate dimensions.


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