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Interior Bi-Fold Doors: Usage, Advantages & Disadvantages

Interior Bi-Fold Doors: Usage, Advantages & Disadvantages

Many homeowners are currently making a conscious effort to have a stylish home that improves their quality of life. While there are a gazillion ways to do that, installing exquisite and functional entryways ranks top on the list.

Folding entryways are one such attractive installation that will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level. They create an elite living space, giving your house an ultra-modern look while still offering top-notch functionality.

This article focuses on three key questions: what are bifold doors? How do bi-fold doors work? What are the pros and cons of bi-fold doors?

Let’s get started

What are bi-fold doors?

These are entryways that feature a series of panels that fold and slide onto either the left or right side of the frame. Unlike their regular counterparts, these do not swing in or out. For this reason, are perfect for small spaces such as the bedroom closet and balcony.

It also comes as a no-shocker that people are gravitating towards this type of door even with enough living space. They are no longer restricted to sliding doors whether they are in the market for modern entryways that make a statement or those that do not take up space.

How does a bi-fold door work?

So, now that you have an in-depth understanding of what is a bi-fold door, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how it works.

How bifold doors work is pretty uncomplicated. Their working mechanism is similar to that of a concertina. The multiple slabs, which range from two to as many as seven, open and close by sliding through a running track. They are connected by hinges and will rest on one side, projecting 90 degrees from the frame.

The system has top and bottom tracks that are vital for operations, allowing the wheels to glide smoothly for effortless opening and closing.

How to choose the best one?

Before installing bifold doors, make sure you pick your home’s perfect fit. But how exactly do you do that?

Below are some of the factors that should remain top of mind when picking one that’s perfect for your house. 

  • The ideal size. You need to choose the size appropriate for your home and this will depend on how big the opening is.
  • If you are using the entryway regularly, consider having one that works independently that can open outwards or inwards.
  • Durability: Pick those made from strong materials such as aluminum or wood. Other cheaper options like uPVC exist, but as not as durable as the ones mentioned above.
  • Weather protection: Choose one with optimal thermal performance based on where you live.
  • Security: purchase folding glass doors that meet security standards and those with multiple locking systems.
  • Opening direction: these entryways open inward or outward and your ideal fit depends on your home’s space and design.

Pros of bi-folding doors

Many homeowners are excited about these entryways because:

  • They bring in natural light

The importance of bringing in as much natural light as possible in your home cannot be over-emphasized. Not only does it increase your focus and your home’s value, but it also saves energy. 

  • They allow you to enjoy your outside space

Those made from glass open your home, allowing you to enjoy the outside environment from the comfort of your living room couch.

  • They take up little space

Since they do not swing inward/outward, they do not take up much space. This feature makes them perfect for small spaces.

  • They offer unmatched flexibility

These entryways come in various designs, shapes, colors, and finishes. Manufacturers also offer options best suited for either interior or exterior installation.

  • You are assured of Top-notch security 

Unlike many entryways that have a single securing point, bi-fold options boast multiple locking points that provide advanced security.

  • They are easy to maintain

Those made from aluminum are easy to maintain as regularly wiping them with soap and water will do the trick. The wooden closet door may take more effort but that’s nothing compared to the hustle involved in cleaning and maintaining their framed counterparts.

  • They are aesthetically appealing

If you are looking to achieve a modern and stylish look, these are your go-to option.

  • They are alluring

Generally, large glass panes give you the luxury of enjoying wide open spaces, which is mesmerizing. They will give you breathtaking views, especially if you have well-manicured lawns or live in a stunning city.

  • They are energy efficient 

They have double or triple glazing which takes their energy efficiency to the next level, making them better than regular glass entryway options.


While bi-folding entryways have numerous perks, they also have their cons which include:

  • High cost

As much as they are of undeniable beauty, these entryways attract a higher buying price. However, considering that they are made from high-quality materials and come with a host of benefits, they are a worthwhile investment.

  • Installation is not beginner-friendly

The installation process can be complex and not beginner-friendly. Although, DIYers with some experience can take advantage of easy-to-follow installation guides and enjoy exciting backyard views in no time.

Where to use bi-folding doors

Now that we mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of bi-fold doors, where can they be installed?

Some of the most common places to use these entryways include:

  • For the closet 
  • For patio doors
  • In small living room spaces
  • In commercial buildings

What about the complexity of their installation process?

These are not necessarily easy to install and a professional can be of great help. However, DIY enthusiasts with basic knowledge of entryway installations can follow this easy guide.

Click here to install Bi-Fold door.

Are they secure?

Thanks to their multiple locking mechanisms, these sophisticated entryways are one of the most secure. Going for strong aluminum options gives you extra security. However, if security is a top concern in your neighborhood, you can install alarm systems.

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In terms of safety, our products have multiple locking capabilities, guaranteeing your home’s security.

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Whether you are renovating or building a house, these entryways are a valuable addition to any home. Need more information? Talk to United Porte today. 


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