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Pros of using pocket doors for interiors

Pros of using pocket doors for interiors

Currently, many homeowners are choosing pocket doors to elevate their living spaces. Most people building or refurbishing their homes are keen on installing them because they are aesthetically pleasing and also for their functionality.

What does a pocket door look like?


pocket door


This is a question that intended homeowners will often ask us at United Porte.

So, before we get into the pros of pocket interior doors let's first define them and find out how does a pocket door work.

As their name suggests, pocket interior doors are doors that move into a crevice or opening in the wall. They have no hinges. The ideal method of installation can either be top-hung or using rollers, allowing you to push them into their special compartment with ease.

So, what are the aspects that make these entryways appealing to homeowners and interior designers?

Let's dive right into the pros of pocket doors.

1.    They are a sight to behold

These types of doors are nothing short of beautiful. Thanks to their unmatched beauty, they appreciate the ambiance of your living area.

Compared to other types of entries, pocket doors for the interior will perfectly complement any home theme. They portray nothing short of elegance and will go well with any type of home decor you choose.

Since they 'disappear into the wall,' you can leverage them to add an element of surprise. For instance, if you have plain walls, you can paint the doors in bold hues to make your home pop.

2.    They create space

One of the most pleasant advantages of pocket doors is they create much-needed space. They are unlike regular doors that open into a room, eating up extra space. As such, they are perfect for tiny houses as they offer the ultimate space-saving solution.

Additionally, moving from one room to the other might not be a problem for many, even with standard door types that swing. However, if you use a wheelchair, moving from the kitchen into other parts of the house including the living room and washrooms, can be tiresome.

In this case, such entries allow persons using walking aids to swiftly move to different parts of the house without opening a fleet of doors.

3.    They connect two different rooms

If you often receive visitors, you can agree that mounting these trendy door types is one of the best decisions you can make. By simply opening them, you instantly bring together two adjoining rooms, creating more space.

If, for instance, you install it to connect your living room to your dining, come special holidays like Thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas, you can create more space within seconds by just sliding the doors into their compartments.


Pocket Door


4.    They are easy to install

Are pocket doors hard to install?

Not at all.

They are relatively easier to erect in comparison to other entryway options. With a few tools and skills, the installation process can be pretty straightforward. However, if you do not have hands-on experience, it is always best to call in an installation expert to set it up.

In this case, your interior door manufacturer would be an ideal choice. The reason is, they understand the intricacies of building such doors. They know the materials used in its manufacture and the hardware as well as the expertise needed in its installation. With such professional service, you can rest assured that they will mount the door perfectly.

5.    They are an affordable choice

Are pocket doors expensive? No, they aren't!

In fact, they are one of the most affordable door options available. Considering that budget is almost always a cause for concern during a home construction or remodeling project, these types of doors provide a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

That does not mean that manufacturers compromise their quality. On the contrary, they are made from long-lasting, high-quality materials.


So, are pocket interior doors good?


From the information listed above, you can confirm that pocket doors are an ideal choice for your home. They are a trend that is never going away. They not only make your home more attractive but also improve its functionality. Furthermore, isn’t ample space something that every homeowner is looking for?

United Porte is a reputable pocket door manufacturer. The company boasts elegant door pieces that make your space look stunning. They are made from top-quality materials, yet they are affordable. Place your order now.


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