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Pocket doors

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Pocket doors installation suggestions

If you want to maximize space at your tiny apartment or home with the least investment then it is good to go ahead with pocket door kit. When we talk about hinged doors then they are remembered by their swinging motion but on the other side pocket doors use to slide into hollow cavity that is called as a pocket. In simple words, the pocket doors are conventional door units that are mounted on rollers, and they glide along overhead tracks. If you have lesser space at home or need much specific planning about space management at every corner then it becomes essential to think about doors. Here you need not keep additional space for door swing motion so approximately 10 square feet space can be easily eliminated.

If you plan to install a solid wood pocket door at home then it will not only manage the space rather it can also work for effective adjustments at tight or cutting spots. There are so many spaces around in house where we need a door for separation but due to smaller space a heavy traditional door cannot be installed. Just take an example of small half bath where you need a door without swing motion because that movement will look bad. Pocket doors are the best solutions for such locations as they can easily steal some space from adjacent closets to make your house look perfectly designed and well managed. One more suitable location in home for pocket doors is at those locations where door can find some space to swing, but it blocks the space when open. Such situations can be commonly observed at bathroom entry points, laundry rooms and in closets. When an open door starts appearing like an obstacle at your house then it is essential to think about easy installation of doors.

You can also prefer installing them at double wide type doorways that are often created between two rooms like between living room and dining room. At such locations, pocket doors can leave an elegant impression with unique touch to your interior decor. These doors help to remove those cluttered situations in tiny apartments and improve the beauty with proper obstruction management around.

Pocket doors are doors that open or close by stretching or folding. They are so much more efficient than hinged doors which require a vast floor area. Consider how effective this extra space will be for a small bathroom, a garage, or a storeroom.

Modern pocket interior doors are best recognized for their space-saving capabilities, but also for their simple and elegant touch to a room. They are a practical and realistic option in modern residences. A wooden pocket door is the most common option for a sliding door because the door has to be rolled in and out. However, they can also be made with tempered glass from French windows.

At United Porte, we have the best doors for interiors and modern french doors to make your home as comfy and as elegant as you want.

Installation Tips

Steps of installation:

  • Get the full measurement of your current door frame.
  • Choose one of the two sides of your door frame you are willing to extend.
  • Create an extended door frame on your chosen area to hold your slab using plywood, glue, and nails. You can make a new frame on the wall or inside the wall.
  • Take away any original molding on your frame.
  • Make sure the top and bottom of your door frames fit each other perfectly.
  • Get your pocket door kit and install it according to its manual.
  • Get a drywall and cut out enough to cover the new frame.
  • Use glue and nails to make sure your drywall is locked on the wall.
  • Get your painting materials and choose a color that matches (or you prefer).
  • Attach your wheels from the kit and hang your door.
  • Reattach your molding and you are good to go.

Why should you order sliding Pocket Doors in United Porte?

Pocket doors can serve like best installations in new homes as well as in remodeled ones. They hold an elegant appearance without any space management issue and the best part is that they have power to complement your decor with easy panting options. If you are planning to add eye-catching looks to every portion of your new house then pocket doors are few specific high points will look impressive. You might be aware of the fact that doors usually operate over top hung track that keeps your door wall free from undesired obstructions.

There are so many options related to material, size and color of a pocket door, and they are often recommended for office as well as home projects. They are not much expensive or are rated as fit to budget designs with their adequate structures that can fit to almost every apartment. If you are running sort with money due to huge expenses already done over remodeling or house building process then at this stage it is good to consider pocket doors for your space.


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