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How Energy Efficient Are Your Doors?

How Energy Efficient Are Your Doors?

Door manufacturers often take into account energy saving when coming up with door designs. Energy efficient doors are meant to seal out unconducive temperatures from the outdoors during hot or cold weather. Exterior doors, for instance, should be made of poor heat conducting material that doesn’t allow heat to escape from indoors during the cold season. Consequently, you spend less on regulating temperatures within your house. Apart from their energy efficiency, these doors are soundproof and will raise the value of your house if you ever decide to put it in the market.


The ability of doors to conserve energy depends on different factors as we are about to discover on the next subtopic. Installing energy efficient exterior doors could save you a good sum of money in energy bills.


Why do different types of doors have different energy efficiency?

United Porte, producers of interior and exterior doors design a wide variety of energy saving doors depending on the opening for which it is aimed. The ability of a door to seal in heat or cold from the outside depends on the material used and the technology. Often, exterior doors such as storm, entry and patio doors are designed with these factors in mind.

For utmost effectiveness, energy efficient patio doors are structured of insulating material. They also have weatherstripping so that the door locks firmly to the frame preventing draught. Other parts of the door such as the frame also play a major role in this covering

Additionally, front doors are also added an extra tor door for improved covering. Patio doors, on the other hand, are made of multiple pane glass and added icomponents of argon gas. If you have been spending a lot on heat regulation for your house or office, you could use new door installations. And before you make your purchase, you need to research the best insulated doors for your house and office. In the next section, we will be looking at the best doors for insulations you can install to save on energy.

Different types of technology go into the manufacturing of energy-efficient doors. In an aim to protect citizens and conserve energy, the government has also set out certain criteria for the manufacture of doors. According to these regulations, it advocates for the use of specific insulating materials such as wood cladding, and foam. In cases of glass doors, they need to have multiple panes. And finally, these doors should have weather stripping sealing the door perfectly to the frame. 

Which doors are the most energy-efficient?

Most exterior doors are made of wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. When insulated, these materials can retain heat or cold within the indoors. Fiberglass and vinyl make the most energy efficient doors all as it is designed for high energy efficiency. This material is made of reinforced plastic, resin and glass fibres combined with a binding component. The material is engineered for both durability and energy efficiency as it is basically an insulator. Additionally, these doors have extra insulation foam included making them most effective.

With additional components, steel and aluminum doors have higher energy efficiency as compared to wooden doors. Despite metals being good conductors of heat, the added insulated material between the core and the two metal sides prevents heat transfer, therefore making some of the best energy saving doors.

Wood absorbs take up heat and cold from the surrounding transferring it to the environment making it the worst in insulation. All in all, the insulation capacity of wood varies depending on the thickness of the wood.

Glass doors are poor energy doors, as they easily transmit heat and cold from the surrounding. As a result, people prefer having interior doors with glass. To increase their efficiency in saving energy, manufacturers of these doors use double pane glass fitted with compressed air to lower their ability to conduct heat, also known as double glazed doors.

Advantages of using energy saving doors  

Below are some of the benefits of doors that are energy efficient. Read on.

  • The best insulated front doors offer increased insulation helping retain the appropriate temperatures within the indoor environment.
  • When you use energy saving doors, you are saving on power bills as you consume less energy in heating or cooling your house.
  • By using energy saving doors, you are contributing towards saving the environment as you cut on carbon generating forms of energy such as coal and wood.
  • Also, you consume less electricity which reduces your electric bills. The world is shifting from the use of electric power by substituting it with alternative sources of energy in an aim to counter global warming.
  • Energy efficient doors are also soundproof. When you use energy efficient exterior doors, you get to keep your house free from noises from outside especially if you are living in noisy areas. Energy efficient French doors also help maintain private conversations within your house.
  • Energy efficient doors increase the value of your property, as house buyers are often looking for this desirable quality in their house.


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