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Sliding closet doors

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Wood sliding closet doors add a decorative touch to any part of your home. You can create a novel and contemporary room ambiance with a modern or unobtrusive style. United Porte has a large selection of custom wood sliding closet doors available as full systems for residential and commercial applications.

Every fashion of interior sliding wood closet doors is designed for a specific purpose in a home or commercial setting.

Structure of interior sliding doors

Sliding wood closet door frames are typically composed of wood, stainless steel, or aluminum, for strength. A typical example of a sling wood door is the 6-panel sliding wood closet door. To create long-lasting paneled sliding closet doors, we use surface elements that are resistant to cracking and deformation, such as MDF and plywood.

This design features two-panel internal sliding wood closet doors, one fixed-stationary and the other mobile to move openly. The sliding wood door itself is a movable rectangular framed piece of wood that is positioned parallel to a similarly framed nearby permanent glass barrier.

When open, the movable panel normally glides in a fixed track and then back into a recess in the wall on its own plane, completely hidden from view.

Smooth sliding, no noise, smooth movement, and wear resistance are all features of the pulley accessories.

Design of the two-way sealing structure: the two-way sealing structure is configured to totally block air convection and reduce heat conduction.

sliding wood closet doors

Why should you order custom sliding doors in United Porte?

Solid wood sliding closet doors can be single or double, depending on your needs, as they bring elegance to your home.

If you want to separate the kitchen from the dining area, or simply have extra private space elsewhere in the apartment, the wood sliding closet door is ideal.

As the leading manufacturer of doors in the United States, what sets us apart is that we offer customized door sizes to our clients at the best prices.

At United Porte, we want to make sure you find the best interior doors slabs when you shop online.

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