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You can have multiple choices for door hinges and their design varies door to door as well as depending upon need of users. Hinge help to add support to door mounting arrangement; they offer smoothness in movement and also provide support to overall weight of the door during movements. Hence, they play an important role in whole arrangement. Thus it is advised to make careful selection for type of hinges at the time of doors installation process. As they are available in wide design, material and sizes so you have to consider so many factors at the time of installation.

Many home owners are not able to make right decision about type of hinges for their door installations but don’t worry, it demands technical details and not every home owner can have deep knowledge of hardware installations. That is why professionals are available around to guide you regarding right procedures. We offer wide range of hinges with numerous door design options; most of the time home owners ask for customized door units and then hinges are also selected as per available space and total weight of door unit. They can be designed with wide variety of material options and each one of these offer exclusive strength. So your selection criteria must be very careful and it must be determined as per your doorframe type. Location of door unit and the type of swinging motion is also going to affect the selection of hinges. If you are finding few difficulties in selection of right hinges for your new door installations then the details below can be beneficial for you. Below we have provided details about all popular types of hinges door hardware out of which you can make easy selection.


  1. Weld on Hinges:

Weld on hinges are used popularly and they follow welding as secondary process. They are actually considered as another useful version of standard slip joint or the so called loose joint hinges. Few people also call them by the name cylindrical hinges or bullet hinges.

  1. T- Hinges:

You will find these hinges shaped like English alphabet T and this is the main reason behind their name. Such types of hinges are commonly used on large gates and you can easily find them in variable style ranges. In their most common design, these hinges use to have one wide leaf and another leaf use to be comparatively narrower.

  1. Take Apart Hinges:

If you are going to install door in such area where it will be required to remove it again and again then take apart hinge door are the best choice for installation. These hinges allow easy removal of gates or panels without causing any damage to the door or frame. These hinges are designed with male and female leaf that are attached together to form a supportive structure for door unit. You can find them in right or left handed construction and they can be designed with hole you can even find them without holes.

  1. Swage Hinges:

Such types of hinge styles are designed to remove the gap between leaves when door is in closed position. The reverse swaging technique can easily simulate general assembly cost.

  1. Stop Hinges:

You can easily find them in two common types: outside stop hinge or inside stop hinge. They can be designed with variable size and can offer movements at different angles.

  1. Strap Hinges:

These hinges use to be comparatively shorter in length but possess longer leaf size. You can pick this type of collection for wide door designs.

  1. Spring Loaded Hinges:

If, you are thinking to install a customized door unit then spring loaded hinges can be a good choice for modern home style. These hinges can offer varying range of tensions depending upon design and application. They can be configured to hold hinge either in closed or in open position.

  1. Piano Hinges:

They are also by the name continuous hinges and they often have larger size. They are designed to run for entire door length. You will often find these hinges with hole type arrangements but they can be designed without hole finishes too as per need of application. Piano hinges are easily available with wide range of knuckle lengths, pin diameters and may follow variable thickness levels.

  1. Overlay Hinges:

These hinges have ability to get folded into each other so that overall thickness can be easily reduced.

  1. Latch Hinges:

Latch hinges are special type of arrangements that combine a latch and hinge into standard hardware arrangement. It is not necessary to have any spring release mechanism with latch hinges. They can have a single handle for operation or may be designed with pair of strong spring loaded handles. This arrangement simply adds force into central position so that door can be easily released from keeper. These hinges can be installed with simple procedures and they are most affordable solution for your house.

  1. Flag Hinges:

They can be designed with a fixed pin that is attached on single leaf or they can have a design that offer complete 360 degree pin movement. Flag hinges are also developed with left hand and right hand sign configurations.

  1. Concealed Hinges:

You may also call them invisible hinges as they are designed in such a manner that just you can just view the door surface. They usually contain two major parts: Brackets and pivots. These hinges find application on furniture doors that may have self closing feature or not.

  1. Butt Hinges:

You can usually find them with overall length of 6 inches or they can even be shorter or longer than that. Such types of hinges are commonly installed on fabricated panels and on corner doors etc. These hinges are usually designed with rectangular metal pieces and screw holes are often joined with the help of rod or pin. Butt hinges are commonly designed using brass, aluminium and stainless steel so that corrosion can be prevented.

  1. Bi-Fold Hinges:

They are generally the combination of two simple hinges and they can be of variable length arrangement. Bi-fold hinges use to have multi leaf arrangement so that doors can move into both directions during their opening or closing movements. Such hinges have numbers f pivot points and they offer tighter swing following a greater travel radius range. You can find them commonly in residential as well as commercial door units.

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