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Home owners continue to strive to provide conventional yet elegant look to the interiors of their home. Having interior double doors is not only unique but also gives classy and modernised look to the place! It may seem that it is a big wardrobe but actually it acts like a divider between the rooms! It is true that they occupy space but the gorgeous finishing look which they provide to your interiors is simply extraordinary. We understand that every homeowner has different preference and taste and thus our craftsmen work rigorously to ensure that these double doors add a level of grandeur to your interiors!

The interior doors are not made of pure wood entirely as the wood might shrink or expand due to temperature. We make them with fibreboard which is our engineered product to maintain the stability, blend them with glass and give a touch of veneer if need be to prepare awesome dish of elegance!  

We have wide variety of doors available to provide a bright and fresh look to your interiors. The grooved and routed designs make the doors look even better without sacrificing on style! White finish and tempered frosted glass provides a sharp and attractive contrast to the dark interiors; cheery finished doors are calmer; our prehung doors with an artistic twist provide beautiful arched design finish; architectural detailing of the glazed French doors provide a stunning look to your place!  

Most of the traditional home owners love to install simple hinged type swinging doors or double doors for their closets. This type of closet doors assists users to increase the overall storage capacity in the room as well as inside the closet where you can also mount hooks, maintain few racks and pockets for more space. But one disadvantage of hinged doors is that they open outwards that means you need to maintain free space around. This opening issue can be troublesome at high traffic type tight spaces.
We offer double doors, panel doors, glass doors with a large assortment of finishes, sizes and types of doors. External doors can be made to order. Also you can order door equipment, handles, hinges, locks, pulls for interior doors. You can find interior door for every design of your home.

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We experiment everything which can bring grace to your home. Pivot design backing the doorknobs on set of double doors give a contemporary look to the interiors. Hardware is hidden purposefully but it makes a daring design statement as it is meant to be noticed and admired! You can also think of installing them at the line of porch wall which will allow plenty of light, freshness and brightness along with keeping it bug free.  Our ultimate focus is to provide range of integral designs which draw the eyes and captivate your guests and is a cost-effective option for you too!

Here are few benefits of modern interior door constructions:

Technology has been revolutionized within past few years and it is setting new examples in almost every field. Same is the case with door constructions and you can observe a great change from past to the present day styles. The latest interior doors range between real wood designs to much higher level of finishing so that you can have the best match for your personality and interior décor.

We are here to help home owners in selection of best door units. Thus here we are including few benefits of selecting double doors collection for your new home:

  1. Finish Options:

There is no doubt to say that hardwood doors are usually highly priced and commonly they are out of reach for most home owners. When you are in need of multiple door installations then affordability becomes a big selection parameter. In order to ensure quality with appearance and cost, one must think about composite materials. They are able to provide real wood like finish while maintaining your budget.

  1. Durability matters:

Modern interior doors are observed to offer higher durability with strength and looks. These recent composite designs can stand up against kicks of your naughty children to much repeated slams. It is essential to talk about durability with contractor while installing your new door unit, prefer to pick the higher quality for long life services.

  1. Tempered Glass Options:

Earlier, tempered glass installation option was limited to exterior doors only but now you can easily find modern interior door collections with tempered glass material. If you are dreaming about impressive and eye catching finish then it can be easily maintained with glass accents.


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Door design bureau "UnitedPorte" offers interior doors and hardware for each house! We can manufacture double doors, pocket doors, barn doors, bi-fold doors, bypass doors, high doors in many finishings and sizes.
Our managers will be glad to help you choose best interior doors! Shipping for doors in stock 3-5 business days, for exclusive orders - 30-90 days. Please feel free to contact us: . Individual approach and discounts to each client!

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