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Door slabs

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Set Descending Direction

Door slabs are doors that come without frames, hinges, and knobs. They make it easier for you to replace old and damaged doorways for attractive or more customized ones. With the variety of slab doors available at UnitedPorte, you can always find one to match it to your frame.

Installation guidelines

Here are some installation requirements:

  • Plane and/or circular saw
  • Clamps
  • Shims
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood chisel
  • Drill
  • Doorknob kit
  • Door hinges
  • Level

Step 1: Making Sure Your Slab Fits

Find out the physical dimensions of your frame and make purchases with it in mind.

Buy a new wooden slab door and have it customized to your taste.

If you do not have any template (e.g. pre-recorded measurements, or the structure and size of the old slab) to follow, get measuring instruments and do it manually.

If you are changing slabs, then overlap the new slab with the old one to find out if they are equal on all sides.

If both doors do not have equal dimensions, trim the new slab and enable it to fit your frame.

Step 2: Set up the hinges

Use a pencil to mark a straight path for the hinges.

Use a level to mark out points and make sure everything is straight and symmetrical.

Make sure your hinges are vertically aligned. This helps make sure your door swings properly.

Do this for every hinge.

Place the hinges on their respective sports and use a drill to screw them in.

Get a suitable doorknob for your door slab.

If you plan to change rugs (or other related things) in the same area, consider how it may affect your door.

Step 3: Hang your door

Create a shallow hole beside your slab using the same area as your hinges. Sinking hinges this way makes them more rigid.

Screw the hinges to the frame in the appropriate areas.

Find out if your door fits and swings properly.

Step 4: Set up doorknobs

If your slab has no pre-cut hole for doorknobs, decide where you want them to go and mark the spot.

Drill appropriate holes for the knobs and lockset.

Remember that different lock sets will have different drill requirements.

Couple everything as instructed by the lockset manual.

Best places to install interior slab doors in home

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basement
  • Main entrance / exit
  • Commercial Rooms (e.g. Stores)
  • Secret Room

Where to order custom modern slab doors in the US?

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