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Solid wood door slabs

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Looking with an untrained eye, deciding which type of slab door to buy could appear to be a straightforward process. If you merely glance at photos of each of them, it would appear that each one is identical. Besides, some are significantly more affordable than others. However, that's not all there is to know about choosing the ideal slab door.

Installation guidelines

When considering the doors to buy, you’ll also have to mind your budget, your home’s aesthetics, and sheer preference. You need to choose a door that checks off most of your boxes while still being affordable.

Solid core slab doors are more pricey, but it'll be worth your while to go for them rather than to buy their significantly cost-effective alternative; hollow core doors. Solid core doors are made with a layer of synthetic material inside, and outside, they're covered with real wood veneer, so they're a perfect solution for long-lasting, affordable doors.

Solid core doors are an excellent middle ground between hollow-core and solid wood door slabs, a perfect solution that caters to affordability and high value. Solid core door slabs absorb noise because of the strong components used in their cores. They are also resistant to humidity as compared to solid wood doors, having the heaviness and texture of high-quality woodwork.

At United Porte, we construct this type of solid wood slab interior doors from two layers of wood veneer sandwiched between two layers of composite wood.

United Porte can specify enhanced fire resistance for your solid-core doors just as it is with solid-wood ones. These wooden slab doors are often heavier too.

Installation guidelines

  1. Remove the packaging and inspect the slab. This involves shipping material e.g. corner covers, pads, etc;
  2. Inspect the existing jamb. It should be a little wider (3/16) and taller (⅜);
  3. Install the slab and then finish on all 6 sides;
  4. Test the slab fitting in jambs;
  5. Install the lockset and finish the installation.

Benefits of solid wood doors slabs for home interior

  • Layers of wood encase the solid wooden core, making it resistant to liquid intrusion and corrosion. This solid core not only heightens security, it also protects your home from the elements like rain, snow, etc.
  • They are an excellent solution for noise, although this largely depends on the heftiness of the solid wood core. If you have kids, you shouldn’t worry about drowning the noise between rooms as solid core wood doors help reduce the noise. Soundproofing is made easier with this wooden slab door or even solid wood slab cabinet doors because of their thick core.
  • Aesthetics may be the most crucial factor for some people. Compared to other doors, a solid wood interior door is more elegant and feels heavier, which is desirable. Interior doors slabs have a considerably higher impact on the entire look and value of your home. Due to their high strength and durability, the doors will keep their aesthetic appeal even after rigorous use for many years.

Where to order modern solid wood door slabs in the US?

If you're window-shopping for the trendiest and most sophisticated solid wood doors slabs, you should check out United Porte. We craft doors with your checklist in mind.

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