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Are you looking for a Victorian-, European-, or country-themed door? Do you want a classy, antique entrance to match the look of  your space? Or, better said, a timeless piece of doorway artistry that creates a lasting impression?

This article will guide you. Read on to know more about classic doors and where to get them.


What are classic doors?

Classic doors are entryways  that give off vintage, and a timeless display because of their style. They are perfect for spacious rooms where you can stand back and take in all the rich details.

Prehung classic doors are the common choice in most properties because they stand out, highlight a room’s beauty, and require little maintenance. They give your exterior an ornate look and are excellent choices to spice up your interior.

Classic style internal doors are usually wooden but can also be constructed from aluminum or medium-density fiberboards (MDF). Classic MDF doors are compressed boards made from sawdust and wood shavings painted in a traditional pattern. Although MDF has a distinctive look from wooden entryways, both have a sophisticated appearance after painting.

Here at United Porte, we have a broad range of quality classically-styled interior doors that will meet and surpass your design expectation(s).


Features of traditional interior doors

So what’s the big deal about classical doors? 

The uniqueness of traditional style interior doors can be seen in the following features: 


  • Durability 

They are produced using quality material that prevents wood-eating insects and elements from ruining the door. Put simply, classic interior doors are built using top-notch engineering methods and unmatched artistry that stands the test of time. These doors are not only impact-resistant and waterproof, they have an excellent sound reduction feature.


  • Elegance and protection

Aside from being a decorative feature, traditional entryways are your first line of defense. Most are constructed using a strong slab of solid wood or other material. This enables them to offer the best protection against weather, time, and brute physical force.

At Unitedporte, you can also find traditional, hand-crafted vintage doors that are also installed with multiple security systems.


  • Aesthetic qualities

Traditional passageways have a sleek, bold look because they’re painted in natural colors like black, brown, or white. The colors also come in variants like walnut, black latte, ginger ash, and others that produce a vintage look. Our traditional doors also have a rare exo-veneer finish from the creative wells of Italy that heightens the decorative tone of your space.

  • Energy-efficiency

These entrance ways are built to function with as little energy as possible. As energy-efficient products, they require minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about replacements. Most importantly, the doors are constructed using eco-friendly materials.


Where to order classical internal doors in the US?

Are you looking for a classic internal door in the US to spice up your residential or commercial designs? Or you're wondering where to buy a classical wooden closet door with the ornate designs of decades past?

You’re in the right place, United Porte has 25 years of experience selling and delivering interior classical wood doors. Check out our catalog or call our representative on X to place an order.

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