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Your doors say a lot about you, your personality, and your taste. From time immemorial, doors have served as bold indicators of affluence and prestige, which means that the larger or fancier the door, the wealthier the homeowner.


  • Do you want a door that makes a statement? A door that screams elegance to everyone who sets their eyes on it? United Porte offers suave, exquisite luxury doors that speak volumes of your class.


This article is all about luxury interior doors and the features that distinguish them from any other entranceway.

What are luxury doors?

Luxury internal doors cost more because they differ from others in design, quality, and detail. They also come with an embossed design—having protruding or depressed patterns—that spice up your room’s look.


Also, luxury doors come in different types, white wood french doors, wooden pocket doors, sliding, and prehung doors. They can be constructed from a variety of materials like wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), aluminum, glass, etc.

Features of luxury interior doors

Let’s take an in-depth look at the peculiarities of these sophisticated doors:


  • They are appealing

Aesthetics is an essential feature of luxury doors, as they spruce up a room’s interior decor. These internal high-quality doors are styled in colors that give your home a cozy, irresistible feel and sweep visitors off their feet.


  • They are durable

While the style and glamor that comes with luxury doors can be breathtaking, we must not overlook their longevity. Regardless of the material you’re using, our artisans use quality materials to produce long-lasting designs.


  • Insulated to reduce sound filtration

Privacy is a big deal when designing this building must-have. They're best suited in places like offices or bedrooms where you need to keep unwanted eyes and ears out.


Buy luxury bedroom doors or a wooden pocket door from United Porte today to beautify your closet.


  • High financial value

Luxury doors are a worthy investment in every sense of the word. Most real estate investors and homeowners know this fact. Shop owners also know how a door’s classy look can attract more customers and increase sales. This is probably the most popular attribute of luxury interior doors.


  • Safety and security

The white wood french door is a luxury door that can be fitted with advanced security features like a fingerprint or alarm system which keeps intruders out while offering elegance. It's no wonder our customers keep buying our interior doors in the US. 


Other features include:


  • Air vents for increased ventilation.
  • Louvre panels that provide proper room lighting.


Where to order high eng internal doors in the US?


Top-notch door artistry might be hard to come by in an industry known for mass production. However, it doesn't have to be that way. You only need to know where to look. 


Contact United Porte, a firm renowned for amazing high-end interior doors designs that match your taste. Take your time to review our catalog and pick the model that matches your architectural needs. You can find the best luxury door hardware that's unrivalled in any marketplace.

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